Free Symphonic Orchestra Vst From Ewql

Hi guys,

I just found out this and I wanted to share with you:

They are giving away free version of their Symphonic Orchestra VST instrument. Just need to take a survey and you can download it (I’m downloading it right now - 2GB but it goes pretty fast 20mbps). They have both 32 and 64 bit versions there.
I’m not sure how long this promo will last so better download it ASAP :)

There may be more similar deals coming this week, since it is Boxing Day time. So if you find some interesting free or discounted instruments, please share.

Merry x-mas!

vV beat you to the punch on this one :)

Sorry about that :( I was so exited to share it with you that I didn’t take time to check if someone else noticed this already. My bad.

No problem at all. Don’t worry about it! I’m sure people appreciate hearing about this offer, whether it’s from you or someone else :)

What is the quality like? Is it worth the huge download?

Well, the library consists out of plain .WAV files that are accessible instead of NKI archives so for that matter you are more free to use these samples in other sampler plugins if you like.
There are 20 instruments involved, the installer references the “SIlver” edition, but i think the instruments are picked from all three editions.
The quality is okay. 16-bit, but this quality is also in the full editions with Platinum Plus as only exception (24 bit)
A few string ensembles (violins, pizzicato etc.) a wind instruments, like trumpets, clarinets etc.)
Sleighbells, chimes, triangle and other stuff. At least enough to make some Christmas composition.

wont work on my machine :<

halts before i even get a glimpse of the user interface. oh well, off to look for fixes

I can’t even install the damn thing, I get an error when it tries to install some anti piracy component and the installer locks up. I’ve tried three times now, but to no avail. No one else seems to be having this particular problem so I guess I’ll have to go pester them on their forum :(

They want to install an iLok driver, the iLOK driver usually requires a USB dongle to access, with this software-package, a USB dongle is ofcourse not necessary yet the plugin requires communication with the iLOK driver anyway.
Remove all your USB sticks or other USB devices and try again, it might perhaps work.
After the driver has been installed, you need to reset your computer anyway.
The iLOK software has been known to be a pest in some cases, one of the reasons why i never bought plugins that require one and i keep boycotting it anyway.