Ft2 Theme & Keyboard For Renoise V2.80

Hi Renoise Team,

Please Could you add my new FT2 Theme & FT2 Keyboard for the next pack of Renoise v2.80 ?

Thank you & Greetings,


Which theme?
Which keyboard config?

Where are the files?

You did not include any links in your post.

Where are we supposed to find/download these things?

Help us to help you! We are not mind readers!

i love this thread! i’ll start following it.


For the moment, my FT2 Theme & FT2 Keyboard for Renoise v2.80 is an UNOFFICIAL version…

Thank you for your patience,


PS : if you want, I can send you the files in private message…

why do you waste everyone’s time by not posting it on the thread publicly??!?!?!?!?!?!??!?!!?!

If you want to share these things with the community, then you should simply post them here and share them with the community.

We can think about including the FT2 theme into the official release, that’s no problem at all, but I don’t think we’ll include your FT2 key bindings.

We don’t include any other alternate key bindings in the official release, and why would we do that anyway? We’re focusing on Renoise here, and trying to guide new users towards our own default key bindings. If a small handful of people really hate our default key bindings and absolutely cannot live without FT2 keys, then they’re more than welcome to grab yours from this thread. Shouldn’t be too hard for them to find with a quick search.

Dear dBlue & Renoise Team,

I understand but explain me this : Each year, why oldschool composers write me by mail for getting FT2 keys for Renoise 2 ? I am here for helping the community, not doing pub for FT2 !!! New composers are welcome but don’t forget oldschool composers made music with NoiseTracker, ProTracker, ScreamTracker, Impulse Tracker & FastTracker 2. Because without Old Trackers, Renoise wouldn’t exist…



I will explain it to you, and I’m not even in the dBlue & Renoise Team.
The reason they keep asking for the FT2 Keys for Renoise from you, is because you have not made them available. You are functioning as a block, blocking people from getting the FT2 Keys for Renoise. If you make them available to the community, people will not be emailing you, they will be downloading the now-community-available keys and theme.

So make them available.
Otherwise you will always be receiving emails from people who ask you to give it to them.

The Renoise Community has far more members than the Renoise Team ever will (and this is a good thing). Just make them available. You cannot try and strongarm the devteam into adding FT2 or IT2 shortcuts. Just give it to the community instead of demanding things!

in short:
give, don’t demand.
all you’re doing in this thread is demanding. and wasting dBlue’s time.

Download NOW the FastTracker 2 Keyboard & Theme for Renoise v2.80 :

Thank you,


Haha! Fun thread. More, more!!!

That’s only a partial true statement. Renoise went on where other trackers stopped, but with moving on, it also means moving on by shaping its own methodologies and not mimicking other trackers, yet allowing you to alter almost anything to its behavior so you can approach old tracker style behavior.
Not everything exists that 100% precise behavior is possible, but Lua opened a lot of doors for this, only requires someone to step on the roads that lay behind those doors.

as one who wants IT2 type shortcuts + behaviour into Renoise, LUA scripting is definitely the key to accomplish those features which Renoise doesn’t have, which old trackers do have.
I think it’s kind of nice that the big moves are being done by the devteam, and the scripting allows for making the small configuration changes, which, for instance, ViZiON wants to have in Renoise.


I think, just a thought, maybe in his thought he was more worried about any type of conflict that may present itself legality wise being that Renoise is more established or organized than other trackers? I couldn’t see any reason otherwise as he is asking the questions and helping in any way…

Ok so classic case of left brain meets right!.. funny stuff… more! MORE! more? But really I’m thinking both parties are genuine here and were not intentionally providing a free ride of sorts at the expense of their validity or character. Comments like this may offend any one party. Just saying. Personally I would be, clearly his frustration is not misguided and I do KNOW dblue does take alot of time and energy to help people out, even before team member he did. When your doing something like that on this level your putting Renoise’s image as a program and company on the line to that random person’s experiences and the experiences of others who have access to this forum which, last time I checked, viewable by not only users of Renoise but the world too. I think he does a damn good job at staying neutral and directing any feeling to stressing things that may be helpful in the future. +1000000 on that shit just because you gotta give it up! Just a thought I had…

Nice turn around on that, I see what you did there. =)

Oh yeah and ViSiON man, NICE UP - Really! =)



fyi, some of the stuff vizion wanted has been coded up. not all. but it would have happened quicker had he just taken the time to explain what he wants instead of giving us an emotional french charade with 0% information.