Full Page Browser?

In 2.8 your could expand the browser to go fill the screen and tab between directories and their files.
I bloody loved that browser!

In 3 it appears the ‘default’ browser view has been expanded but this old ‘full’ view is gone.
Am I missing something?


Yes the old view has been replaced with a new layout.
I don’t think the old version will be coming back / possible to recreate.

thanks for the heads up.

i gotta say, there’s some great new features in 3.0 but it’s a little frustrating that an excellent existing one has taken a hit for no real good reason.
will probably leave the update for ‘special occasions’ when i want to get creating with the phrase editor tbh.
i’ll miss the FX chains though!

You can still make the sample frame smaller and the diskbrowser wider if you desire. Also the diskbrowser grows along with the Window size of Renoise.
Its not a that big loss compared to the former situation. The only thing that you don’t have is the instant switch of the button.
The dragged frame sizes are unfortunately not stored along with the GUI preset save either, now that would at least compromise the loss a bit better.

the thing I miss now, is that you don’t have “details” anymore do you ? I often needed to sort my files by date to find out which one is recent, now it’s only filenames, that’s not kind of annoying

is there some way to specify which frames are larger and which smaller, via LUA? cos surely that would help in doing nice resizes. (they’d be hardcoded, of course, but still)

…until it gets scripted (hopefully possible)

yeah the half screen size isn’t too bad (not as good as full screen though!)

the main thing though is the old dual window arrangement
folders on the left, files on the right

you could dive in an out really fast tabbing between the two, best design i’ve seen tbh.

you’re right it’s not a massive deal but am sad to see it go.

The old browser was good. In the new version, I like that if you expand it, both file-size & dates are shown at the same time. I wish that like in windows explorer, you can click a ‘type’, ‘size’ or ‘last changed’ above the data to reshuffle them… instead of the right mouse click windows we have to resort to now.

The dates and file-sizes are shown, but this heavily depend on the width and height of the main window and if there is a vertical scrollbar visible.
If everything is large enough, you can make it show these details, but if your desktop resolution won’t go beyond a specific size, you won’t be able to see this info unfortunately…

Nopes, the only frame objects that you can use is selection or checking if they are visible. But you are not capable of changing the layout structure of the window.
And as said:you can’t store the frame positions in presets either, so hacking around it by modifying the config.xml won’t do any good either.

+1 and full screen for track effects (so you can see whats going on)

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