full sample drag and drop support for external sources

We can only replace the current selected sample, when you drop samples from external sources (like explorer or maybe sample browser tool). It would be great, when we could do the same like when we use the internal sample browser of renoise. Choose to replace a sample or add a new one, and so on.

I don’t know how complicated it is to implement cross-platform, but Copy/Paste support between different programs on OSX would be lovely.

It would be really useful for working with another DAW. ReWire has sync issues here (especially with variable tempos) and Redux is .xrni only AFAIK. Using ‘Render selection to sample’ and ‘Save sample as’ (for single-pattern) or Render to disk (for multi-pattern) works fine, but depending on how often you do it, it can become very tedious and cluttered compared to copypaste. Especially for multi-patterns where you have to toggle tracks, effects, etc. ‘Render selection to clipboard’ tools would make sense too.

On Windows this should work but it depends if the application supports sharing the system clipboard (Applications that do not use the system clipboard will not cross-copy sample data from Renoise, but Renoise does expose the sample data on the system clipboard for other apps to grab and paste).
Might perhaps be a similar deal on OSX.