(Robbie S) #1

I know you can find it in View -> Fullscreen (or using the shortcut), but I miss the little fullscreen-toggle button that 2.8 has.

List of feature suggestions for Renoise
(dblue) #2

Is this really something you’re toggling so frequently that you need a dedicated button for it in the GUI?

(Robbie S) #3

Honestly, yes. But I can live with the menu.

(Psygoo) #4


(Dr. Drips) #5

you can also use Alt+Return
I didn’t even knew fullscreen mode was still available :lol:

(vV) #6

I thought the button was present because the title bar function menus on OSX disappear when you go full screen. (there alt-enter will then be the only way to go back to windowed mode)