Fundraiser for Ukraine with songs from Renoisers

Hi all,

Last week the compilation United electronic music artists for Ukraine was released on 05 april 2022. It contains 20 tracks by electronic music artists from various genres. Among these artists are also Renoise users. @Jonas and me in any case.

Some artists wrote a brand new track for this compilation, while others came with some very great one they already had. The artists have created something beautiful for this world!

Now after the release we have the goal to fund direct causes for aid to Ukraine with all of the proceeds from the United Electronic Music Artists for Ukraine compilation. In this way we hope to be able to contribute to help for the people in Ukraine in a musical and direct way as what feels like what we can do within our possibilities.

The compilation is available on Bandcamp only and can be listened to and purchased here:


As Pole living not that far from border, i want to sincerly fullhearthly thank you guys for every small gesture like that. It DOES MATTER.


War is always wrong. No question about it.
I and am deeply sorry for all the ukrainian and russian people who have nothing to do with that war.
Also i am sorry for all the people who suffer from all those non-sensical sanctions, like we currently do.

But how come that people are not talking about any other war that is currently going on?
Where were those voices in the past when they were needed?
Why are people suddenly raising flags?
That is the point which truly makes me sad.

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Painfully true. Putin chemically attacked Syrian civilians. Myanmar are murdering minority Muslims. China is interring minority Muslims. Saudi Arabia is drone striking and cruise missile-ing Yemen.

Surely, SURELY, it can’t be that we only care if the victims look like us? The world is honestly fucked and I am constantly in a state of being almost overwhelmed by the misery humanity can inflict on itself. Guilt for bringing two new people into this, THIS, world.

Not sure how to cope beyond just sticking headphones on and blanking the world out.

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Why are people suddenly raising flags?

Because the war in Ukraine is based on ideas from the book Foundations of Geopolitics by Aleksandr Dugin who embraces “esoteric nazism”. His other book The Fourth Political Theory is equally asinine and highly influential in Russian political circles.

An invasion on Ukrainian sovereignty is part of a “russian manifest destinty” theory, the kind of thinking which has not been seen since world war 2.

Furthermore, other wars are talked about. They are all wrong. Stop this one, too!


I really want to help Ukraine. I’m assuming this is ongoing? Russian politics is just something else. They have a quite the Active Measure. People who don’t know what Active Measures are need to read into it. It should be required learning in all democratic countries.
@strobotone I remember the war in syria being mentioned a lot on the news. I sometimes think it didn’t always get the attention it deserved because it’s a poor middle eastern country that people couldn’t relate to as much. In some other ways I think people just had to turn away and avoid that news because it was just so depressing and horrible. Now it’s europe for the first time in a long time. People see a country that reminds them of their own backyard…

@RAMIO hat do I do to contribute to this music project?

The world has been burning since time immemorial. By many metrics right now is objectively the most peaceful time in recorded human history. Lowest levels of poverty, highest levels of education, more access to life saving medicine and medical technology, greatest levels of social awareness around issues of inequity and injustice and global ecological health, etc. I would encourage you to act on the basis of your convictions to help the world become an even better place. All is not lost. It is a peril of the information age that we have access to knowledge of human suffering and tragedy on a global scale and scope, while still being more or less hard-wired evolutionarily to operate as tribal beings, conflating our knowledge of the existence of human tragedy with its immanence in the scope of our own lives…

Of course, we all will know tragedy in our lives. It’s absolutely in the nature of existence. But, yes, by all means, act on the strength of your convictions in working towards peace within and without.

If you love your children, and doubtless you do, don’t feel guilty for bringing them into this world, even for having thrown them into all the disappointments and sorrows of existence… none of us asked to be born, and life is really the only game in town, full also with all of the joy and peace and meaning they will ever know :slight_smile:



I’ve seen many voices for other wars. Even for civil wars which are not government wars.

Thanks for this explanation!

So about this “whataboutism”. It’s completly natural to have layers of care, even if you are most empathetic person ever, it is simply also way to handle overwhelming world.

You naturally will feel more of danger if fire will broke out in house next to yours, or two three houses away vs if it will happen two cities away. If it would happen in world without internet, you would not hear if fire would broke two cities away, you would know if it happened in yours. It doesnt mean that you care about those people and think about them as less important, but its simple way to handle overstimulation of information also, especially where you can’t do shit about this.I’am very empathetic, i’m having very often problems with getting out of bed, but i know that i cant handle stuff where i can’t do nothing. Like i have realistycly zero power of change other things that are mentioned here, but i can’t help when over 3 milion of people came to my country. As it was in BLM it doesnt equal that other colors doesn’t.

I can make better situation so i boycot Nestle products, so i am doing it [learn if you want:]. But also i have in back of my mind, that banning thing like one cruise ship would do way more good to our planet that all people i know can do by segregation of trash. But it doesnt equal to “this knowledge allow me to do nothing”

And for Europeans that is basicly in global scale neighbours. And for me Pole they are really a neighbourhs, and my favorite burger joint in my small polish city cook there is Ukrainian since before war already, etc etd. If i would be born less then half of day of car drive to right, i would be at war right now.

I am upset because i am faced with such stupidity and anti-social behavior on a daily basis here in germany.
For example, when i bring my child to school, on one hand blue / yellow symbols are prominent there now.
And on the other hand they are willing to look the other way when russian children get bullied for something they have nothing to do with.
Those parents don´t even have the courage to speak up for the children.
In my opinion politics of this kind don´t belong in children´s heads and especially not in schools.
If they go so far and talk children into painting flags, fine. But then let them paint all kinds of flags.
This conflict, like most political conflicts, is driven by propaganda and government agendas from all sides.
Their parents don´t know so doesn’t the school´s director.
And they are all parroting what their neighbors are saying.

Anyways, that is my personal conflict with society - or what´s left of it.
But i can not speak for how the situation is in other countries.

Have a good one !


Are you joking ? One one side there is democracy, on the other there is a dictatorship where free journalists get thrown into jail, killed ! How dare you balance the two ?
You think this is about “politics in children’s heads” ? What about the children getting killed 1300km from Germany ?
You really think that the “bullying of russian children” is the real issue right now ?
Nice job relaying the Russian propaganda where they pose themselves as victims !

directly supporting nazis is democracy and good? azov - to be specific. Did you watch burning man alive, and many in building during Majdan/Maidan? Did you watch confession of georgian snipers who provoked counter-revolution in Ukraine - by shooting from hotel floor (owned by your democratic friends :D) before taking a stance, at least look both sides… sheesh

kids do not have anything to do with this. This behavior is out of control. Why no one bothered to raise a hand during ongoing decade wars on the middle east? huh? no one painted flag?
you really advocate for bullying kids… how democratic. Pardon my laugh but you are openly talking about things no one should ever do… it’s about kids, not politics… not a single kid should suffer because X or Y. Or be forced to do X or Y because you have certain beliefs… show all sides… democracy (which you mention all the time)should not be about cutting one source, be it legit or not… choose what you are standing about, since your one sentence shows 2 opposite stances…

stop showing narcissism so much. Otherwise you’d bring this up long time ago…

you deal with finding the truth by blocking one source? nice democratic thinking :smiley:

apart from audio industry STEALING products from customers (one friend was blocked by nexus company - 2500$ worth of products deleted), apart from other bullshit… just because someone is born or lives in certain part of the world - is that democracy?

how do you balance cutting out one country entirely? Removing history? Novel writers, artists etc? is that human at all? openly/publicly removing parts of history just because? Global media attack… or - how do you balance whole europe going against itself by imposing some ‘sanctions’ - which will only be worse for the countries imposing it… not the Russia itself…

i resisted 5 times to respond here but you provoked me to do it.

and for people claiming that Russia is doing its propaganda: you really cannot understand the amount of propaganda in western media then. The same thing that is happening in Ukraine happened in my country with opposite outcome - because my country is not even partially as strong as Russia… and could not handle ‘western propaganda’ and had to ‘obey’…

since you openly support nazis, bullying children, what can we expect next? this is audio forum after all…

and for anyone who says ‘Russia has started the war’. War in Ukraine is ongoing since 2014 at least…

after all this is not place to discus such things… you have facebook, instagram, telegram, neighbours… paint some flags or bully children, as you approve it… :slight_smile:


Sorry, i am open to other point of views ofcourse, but everything about your statements is wrong.
First of all, how you go about it.
I stated how people are suffering who have nothing to do with that conflict, on both sides that is.
I didn´t want to go into details, but are you aware of the russian-ukrainian history?
Are you aware that russian women and children are being slaughtered since years in Ukraine?
Democracy, where?
I despise the governments responsible for those killings and those who still deliver heavy weaponry into the warzones. This includes the german government which, like others, has no interest in stopping this war.
I hope this cleared things up for you.


people calling one media group ‘propaganda’ is either so stupid, or has certain goal…
every media lies, it depends on whom it represents… and how many times it says that other is propaganda… specially cutting the opposing side from ability to speak

if you have 2 lies, you cannot say one lie is better just because it says so…
that’s not objective, not democratic…

I can only agree.

But as you said - this is an audio forum after all.
Let´s get back to what brought us together here in the first place.

Cheers, people !

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There is no “western media group”. Its free countries, with free journalists, doing free reporting. In Russia, people get thrown to jail for saying that there is a war in Ukraine. The last independent news outlets got all closed. There is now only the voice of Kremlin. And for you, this is something we should take as a source equivalent to the rest ?

Maybe you lost all sense of logic but I’ll stop here. No need to talk to brainwashed people.

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Haha wow, 1:1 Kremlin propaganda right there, good job :+1:

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Simple: It’s happening in Europe, our “homeland”.
You can’t compare it with the middle east, because there are always wars and ongoing conflicts in the middle east. It will never end. The news about the middle east haven’t changed one single time since I was born. You can post news from 40-90 years ago and it’s still current.

Right! Western media and western politics are pure propaganda, full of lies and hypocrisy, You cannot trust any common media, it’s political controlled. Here in Germany we call it “Lügenpresse”, which means lying press. If you want to know what’s up you have to inform yourself by the summary of several media of several countries and make your own picture of it. But the difference to Russia is that in western countries there’s a free press, whereas in Russia there’s no opposition anymore. There never was a real opposition in Russia.

Yes, get composing and create new music! :slightly_smiling_face:
But even in a forum like this there has to be some room for real talk besides music, right?!
Especially in a thread like this. This discussion is not offtopic.


I wasn’t expecting this forum to be hostile to a fundraiser for Ukraine. Apparently it is.

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