Gabber Style Kick?

Has anyone here made a convincing gabber-style hard kick with a sample of a 909 and the distortion effect in Renoise? I’ve been trying a few different things, a few different effects, and I can’t seem to get that sound. Can anyone offer any thoughts on this?

Yeah, sure! I don’t know if there’s a ‘correct’ way, but this is what I do:

  • 909 kick
  • Filter 3, lo-pass at around 80-120Hz
  • Distort, shape, very wet and with lots of high
  • Limiter around 20-30dB, lots of attack, small release; depends on track and tempo
  • EQ further according to personal taste.

Good luck and have fun! Nothing beats distorting something beautiful ;)

If you search on for a thread titled “I made a vst” you’ll get a link to the site owner’s Gabber kick vst that I think is pretty great. I’d link to it but the site is blocked on my work PC. :(

I use the same method, except the limiter.

Here’s what I did for you in 3 minutes.
Kick 1
Kick 2
Kick 3
Kick 4
Kick 5
Kick 6

Have fun :walkman:

Outstanding. Thanks guys. :)

Ha funny cause when we used this kick back in the day all we ever did was turn the gain up on the desk on the 909 Bdrums channel and then mess with the EQ a bit.
Always find it funny how technology has advanced so much that stuff we took for granted by just doing something wrong now has a very clever and very cool way of being achieved.

Oh for what its worth it is also worth checking out angular momentums newest VSTi too Kicklab
When it comes to kicks it will do pretty much anything ;)


Hahaha!! Yeah it’s all about having complete control over your sound these days!

… Thank god… ;)

And I think, all you will get from this will be control.

This is not strictly Renoise distortion only and especially not only a 909 sample. For me a convincing kick is layered from maybe 3 to 4 different samples, sometimes i use even more. I do usually use one more clean sounding one for the “ooomph” effect, some hipassed layer for the more “knarzy” sounds, then to taste, often distorted through various different distortion effects, reverb, massive stereo spread, chorus, amps, convolution or whatever you can imagine. To keep the lows centered, you can use something like Sanford Bass Tightener or Otium FX Basslane. If you have chained different distortions play with nasty resonances and compress the shit out of them using maybe Stardust (love this for kicks).

Here is a little mini mix done from some snippets of me:

And a full track:

You can always sample gabber records and tweak the kicks till they fit your sound.

hp filter(20),eq,razor distortion,eq,clipper,lp filter(18k)mono-comp.render it,when done render again under a mono maximiser(waves l3 ultramaximiser)

Nahhh mate, this is just SICK :panic:
Love the kicks, you probably have a reallly nice self made gabber set or what?!

Listening to most stuff on this forum always makes me feel so inferior…