Gate 2 Sidechaining, How To Set To Listen?

I’m trying test the sidechaining feature in the new Gate 2 but cannot see how to select a track where it should listen to?

I’m wondering the same thing. I guess you might have to mess around with sends or something…
It does kinda work if you send both (kick&bass for example) to the send channel with Gate 2. (keep source for the kick)
(edit: and you have to find the sweet spot for the threshold)

But I’d like to hear some more official words about this. :)

I’m curious too. :)

Trying the sends variant now.

I’m not getting it to work even with the sends. I was expecting with selecting Sidechaining a dropdown box would appear that let you select wich channel/track it should listen to. hmm…

Sorry, that was a bit misleading then:
You can filter the input (=sidechain) of the Gate, but not (yet) choose different tracks as the source.

Thanks, saves me from getting more grey hair now. :)

Aha… thanks. Hope this will be implemented in the next version.

Just to let you know what I meant with the send… SC_with_send.xrns

But it’s not really good, the kick sound gets affected as well.

oh bah :( … and I was soooo hoping too =\

how do you do this when the only channel you can send to is S01?

im really struggling on this gate2 and it’s frustrating me, some one reply and help me within the next minute…

Skip this sends idea. You can only filter the input of the sidechain (input for the gate), nothing more. Read what Taktik said. There is no real sidechaining currently.

ahright thanks for clearing that up dude