Gay Simpsons Character

Quote from some webpage:

One of the veteran cartoon stars of “The Simpsons” is coming out of the closet.

The betting on who it might be would seem to favor sniveling yes-man Waylon Smithers, who for years has harbored a secret crush on his boss, the evil nuclear tycoon Mr. Burns. But the show’s producers refused to tell the audience at Comic-Con if he’s the one.

“We have a show where, to raise money, Springfield legalizes gay marriage,” producer Al Jean told a gathering of thousands at the convention. “Homer becomes a minister by going on the Internet and filling out a form. A longtime character comes out of the closet, but I’m not saying who.”

Matt Groening, the show’s creator, joked to the audience: “It’s Homer!”

The cartoon town’s corrupt Mayor Quimby will also face a recall election in a forthcoming episode, similar to what befell former California Gov. Gray Davis last year. The producers won’t say whether McBain, the Austrian action-star and Arnold Schwarzenegger parody, will run him out of office.

Groening said he still plans to make a feature-film version of “The Simpsons,” but probably won’t start work on it until the conclusion of the TV series, which is heading into its 16th season and still going strong.

Among the celebrity guest stars Comic-Con attendees were told will appear on “The Simpsons” next season are Ray Romano, James Caan, Kim Cattrall and rapper 50 Cent.

My bet is either Lenny or Carl.
They seem kinda … Close :rolleyes:

Yeah I read about this aswell… I’m pretty surprised that so many vote for Smithers. I thought it was already quite obious that he is gay.

I think it’s Flanders.

barney. i’d bet money on it.

Yeah I read this in a Swedish newsmag today… From what I’ve heard Smithers was the top candidate, followed by Moe. It couldn’t be Smithers as phonkey said… it’s just too obvious. I’d guess Moe.

But Moe has been chasing women (unusccesfully) for a while now. :D Maybe it’s Milhouse :lol:

There are quite a few candidates, come to think of it!

Yeah, they’ve hinted to the fact that Milhouse is gay…
I remember Dr. Hibbert going through a file in one episode, and it said Milhouse was gay.

But who knows…

Moe is suspicious though, no doubt, he’s a freak.

My bet is Flaunders (or whatever his name is), his next door neighbour. Or the priest. It could be anybody!!! :rolleyes:

I think unsuccessfully is the keyword here… He’s a depressive, misunderstood guy… it must be him :)

either one of those masculine women, patty or selma…think about those hairy legs :panic:

No way, it must be Flander (or whatever it spells) :)
But I like very much the psychological insight about Moe! :lol:

:) I am not good at psychology, I have just wasted too much of my life watching Simpsons :D

That’s why you have some chances at psychology ;)

I have to second that… Flanders is christian, right? and those people have the biggest issue with gay-marriages in the states right now… so silly… so ignorant…
well, it would be fun anyway…

I’ve read it’s supposed to be Patty, but I couldn’t find a link to confirm it…

No you’re right… It’s Patty…
link to an article in Swedish about it……,511847,00.html

(just read the headline)
“Patty kommer ut ur garderoben”

“Patty comes out of the closet”

muahahaha, i knew it! i knew it!!! :D

Hehe, yeah, remember the Gay Pride Parade in Springfield??

Smithers and Patty or Selma hides in a closet or something, and Smithers goes:
“We’re gay, we’re glad”
And Patty or Selma says:
“But don’t tell mom and dad.”


It’s an episode about gay marriage, this requires two characters to be gay.

Lenny & Carl are the only realistic options since they are the only characters never seen trying to get women. Lenny once shaved some “yeti legs” and lied about having a “beauty queen wife” but otherwise has never actually been seen with an entire woman.

The only other option is Disco Stew, who also has never been seen with a woman, and some other random “new” character. This actually might happen based on on the zero effort plot-lines now seen in the newer episodes.

Yeah, that’s where I read it too. I just have serious doubts about the authenticity of Aftonbladet :D

The other person could be anyone… maybe a new character.


But have you seen the episode where the Simpsons go to the mountains to go skiing?

And when Marge is all alone in the ski-lobby, disco stu tries to hit on her.
Hehe, and when he finds out she’s married, he goes “Back away, not today, Disco Lay-day!”

Lenny and Carl would be my bet too.

They seem very … attached.

But if they DO get together, that would kinda change the whole Simpsons-scene, sort of… Since Lenny and Carl are always around Homer at work…

It’d be kinda drastic.