'Generate Drumkit' Question

Hi. Is there a way to generate a drumkit so that it starts from C0 rather than starting from C4?

Ive got a big batch of samples all taken from one drum machine. I want to keep them all together in one instrument. They will ‘fill up’ the keyboard’s 9 octaves, so starting from C4 I run out of space on the keyboard because the lowest four octaves are empty…cant find anything about this in the manual… thankyou for all your help.

I think you’d have to do this manually, its essentially the same procedure for filling the keyboard with piano samples for example.

Might want to check this thread out…Easy Way To Create Xrni From Multisampled Instruments

Thanks for the link. tomate seems good for creating tonal multisampled instruments, but no good for creating large drumkits as each sample has a different name (clave1, perc1, clap, snare etc). Seems like im gonna have to make the drumkits assigning each sample to a key by hand. thankyou

The drumkit generator option is pretty limited indeed…
If you have windows, you can try RiGen that tool allows you to do mapping from C0. (drag and drop all your samples or sample-folders on top of the tool) It was designed to also overcome this C4 bound only limitation.

do you have another link? this one seems like its down. getting ‘file not found’ message