Generative Music

I’ve become more and more intrested in generative music. In FLS I connect MIDI via ports. The plugins that I use for sequencing is Blip2000 and Hyperion. Since Blip2000 is a synthedit plugin it is kinda uneasy to work with in FL, but does anyone know how I can connect a MIDI sequencer to a VST synth in Renoise?

Any other cool tips and tricks when it comes to generative music?

Not really a tip I suppose, but check out Noatikl if you haven’t already.

set your external sequencer an an “in device”: preferences > midi > select sequencing device in one of the dropdowns.
you can now select any instrument and send midi from an external sequencer.
you can also take advantage of using midi cc to automate parameters. set them with command > m or control > m.

cool tip: lfo an lfo that lfos an lfo. you can make very interesting random-esque parameter automation

check this one out:

(the inertia-setting on the LFO-device that is mentioned in that thread has its own feature request post somewhere, so is possibly in the works to make all that LFO’ing even more flexible)