Generative stuff in Renoise

Single pattern, phrase fun. Never repeats the exact same thing.


Crazy! :upside_down_face: And still huge sound!

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Care to share what’s happening in this video?

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wow, i’m amazed!
well done man!

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I put some of the Renoise files for doing generative stuff here

Just not this exact track, hopefully turning it into an actual piece. The methods are still the same.

Im triggering phrases based on probability (Yxx) in the main pattern, while each instrument contains a set of phrases, all phrase patterns also contain notes with individual probabilities. Especially on even hits (4,6,8 etc) for drums.

On top of that thers a procedural repeater that toggles on and off with varying levels of retriggering on 3 of the tracks (drums,bass and voice)


super amazing :+1::+1::+1:
I tried several times like this stuff on breakbeats. but I had no idea to use repeater.
I use your file as a reference!

Been away and missed this but wanted to thank you for some inspiration! With your technique it gave me another entirely different path to look into . :slight_smile:


Cheers dude, glad it was useful.