Genesis Pro by Ummet Ozcan

i’m excited cause its only going to be 1euro


But… 3 matrix slots only?? I’ll wait for the 5 EUR version then.

thats the first thing that came to mind but i’m sure the rest of the modulation assignments are in the central display similar to dune 3

tbh for 1 buck and with the sounds he showcased i’m more than sold you cant go wrong with one buck


But like @Land_of_Bits said, should be worth the one buck…if it doesn’t hug the CPU to much and if it can be controlled with instrument automation.

@Land_of_Bits do you have a link to the audio examples? I couldn’t find one on the website.

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in the youtube video

he said he would do another video showcasing more sounds


Thank you. I’m curious what it really can do. :cool:

Genesis Pro VSTi, is already prepared!

This seems to be an 8-year project that comes out now, with a symbolic price of €1. What the fuck? :smiley:

I guess I should comment. It seems a very interesting topic. Hopefully it is available in 64bit and has its own scaling…


Since we’re getting all excited for a synth that doesn’t exist yet, have you heard about this one, from the maker of Helm (which BTW costs $0.00)?

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yeah bro im waiting for it i follow him on twitter and some of the stuff he shows seems really good for sound design :slight_smile:

Neat, super presets. Those filters are great. Where is it?

P.S: I hope this synthedit made synth runs fine on macos. I have seen only proper audiounit builds coming from synthedit. Not sure, if a VST for macos is possible even…

Looking forward to this near freebie, I though the first genesis was great also.

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Yapp, kvr thread mentions it it actually is Synthedit, even 32 bit and Windows only.

Only 32 bit?I hope that is not the case.

my crew he is not going to make this plugin 32 bits in 2020


I wouldn’t call this scam, but…

Yeah it’s a cheap 32-bit Windows only plugin and it sounds pretty incredible… I bet he’ll release it with few presets and earn the monies on preset packs, which is fair enough.

Well, common sense in audio development was since years, that synthedit 32 bit plugins are considered being outdated. Of course this synthedit patch is quite impressive work, and the presets are obviously very professional. But 32 bit is dead.

I really thought it would be available in 64bit. It looks like a “product” that is late. It also has no GUI scaling. It gave the feeling that it was a “more serious and modern” plugin. On the other hand, just ask for € 1.

It is a strange situation, because I am making efforts to remove all my 32-bit plugins from my system. I do not want any. And now they get an interesting plugin, but only in 32bit? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Sorry to say, but there is the crap. It seems quite reasonable that this man has made this product for love, and not for business. It’s a shame. I certainly do not recommend it for Renoise 3.2.

damn almost to counter my comment above :frowning:

32 bits wtf

What software is at 2:42? SynthEdit?

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