Genesis Pro VSTi, by Ummet Ozcan

Genesis Pro VSTi, is already prepared!

This seems to be an 8-year project that comes out now, with a symbolic price of €1. What the fuck? :smiley:

I guess I should comment. It seems a very interesting topic. Hopefully it is available in 64bit and has its own scaling…

I watched the video and it seems to be made with synthedit (by the looks of the “IDE” he showed). That doesn’t look very serious to me, but more like a hobby project. Or have things changed regarding this? I’d expect something like JUCE or custom to be used for a ‘high grade’ software synth.

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Wow, this theme is repeated then. I did not see it. If any moderator sees this, then he can join it with the other topic.

I will only say that, for € 1, nobody should doubt it. If you really just want to collect that amount (without any “hidden” business behind), I hope this man sells 2 or 3 million copies. Or more.

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