Give us loop fine editor back

(weizenkeim) #41


(Zer0 Fly) #42

I’d really appreciate such a feature!

But real loop finetuning would need 2 extra panes, not only one, i.e. one for loopstart and one for loopend. I think it’d be quite helpful to see both waveforms next to each other, to get a visual grasp of the subtle wavecycle difference “click” that might happen. So another horizontal split in the right extra waveform view in weizenkeim’s mockup.

As for eleminating the “click”: is there already an option to x-fade a selected section around a loopstart with the equivalent around the loopend? The builtin x-fade tool - I haven’t yet grasped how it actually works.

Another nice suggestion: placement of loopmarkers not on per-sample-step, but with fractions. Yeh, you dig the finetune and Ability to place at zero crossings between 2 samples.

(dysamoria) #43

Oh wow… seriously?? :frowning: i was just looking for the fine loop editor in Redux Demo. Came here to find out what i’m missing. It’s Redux and Renoise that’s missing something. Bring it back please!

(agent220) #44

I think it’ll come back, lots of squeaky wheels over this. Time to apply the grease.

(mslsr) #45

oh shit it’s the future but still no fine loop editor

(gravedraq) #46

Yes, please bring back “fine loop editor” and bring Renoise into 2019 and the future again! :smiley:

(jugger) #47

Please bring this back and also what DJ Terrabyte mentioned: " keyjazz on a selection of a sample."

(DJ TerraByte) #48

thank you thank you :slight_smile:

recap; select a piece of sample… press enter.
dont like the pitch? play another note!
then hear it starts at the beginning of the sample, not the actual selection.
join this discussion haha.

Renoise is so perfect on its own, this is the tiny thingy that would give it that sparkle I dream of :smiley: