Give us loop fine editor back

My life lost it’s meaning without it lol

  • for fine editor!
    and where is the function that sets loop start and end points to the currently selected section in the sample?


I really miss this much used feature.

atm I’m using renoise 3.0b for everything except loop finetuning.
kind of annoying to not be able to smooth out my loops.

Loop finetune editor for president! :drummer:

Bring it back!

Yes, please bring it back!

Make it selectable from a customizable sample-editor options list, like Satobox mocked up;

from; please bring back scissor icon in sample editor

i do want it back… but, just out of curiosity, why was it removed?

zoom is your friend. :blink:

The battle of los editors

+1 as I often use Renoise to make looping sound effects for games at work.

If I understand correctly, the replacement looper feature works inside renoise only?

people may want to create loops which are not zero-crossing or even not continue, that’s why the loop editor should be back

+1 for the fine loop editor!
yes, why was it removed? if we would know the background logic of this decision, perhaps it would be easier to accept.

Can’t understand why fine loop edit has been removed, used it all the time with earlier versions. Hopefully it will be added again…

just started getting back into renoise after about a 4 year hiatus.

thanks for all the awesome improvements you’ve made. really blows my mind the changes since 2.x

i appreciate the loop crossfader thing because i think it does a better job than the other automatic loop fixer jobbies i’ve used.


i got a little frantic and anxious and fearful when i could not find the loop fine-tuner.

then when i googled and found that it was removed, it felt like a punch in the gut.

PLEASE bring it back. i’ll pay an extra 60 euros or whatever on my next renewal.

there are use-cases that the fine-tuner cannot be beat or replaced by anything automatic, ever.

the automatic thing is destructive to the sample. fine-tuner is not. that’s the biggest thing for me.

while i see that the automatic guy does a decent job depending on what your selection is, it still doesn’t provide the information or control that the fine-tuner did.

it looks like i’m not alone in being Very Negatively Affected by the removal of this particular feature. it was the best fine-tuner i’ve ever used.

alternative? yes.

replacement? no!


I would pay 30 euro’s for returning this loop-fine editor and 200 euro’s for keyjazz on a selection of a sample. :guitar:

Wait, do you expect us to get an extrenal wav editor, edit it there, and hope that it will import the loop? I’m going back to a non-crippled version of your software.

Just bring it back, please…

or maybe an option for a split view?

hmmm before you will see this post as a mega sneaky crosspost, why not combine my wish with the screenshot seen in Weizenkeim above this post?

I mean, play some notes on the keyboard… hear the selected red part… find that it is awesome and loop it :wink: