Glitch Vst V1.3 Released

Glitch VST v1.3 released… grab it now for free!

Visit the Glitch website to download…

Changes to the effects…

  • Flanger has been removed (it sucked).
  • Tapestop effect added.
  • Delay effect added.
  • Modulator now has frequency modulation + other options.
  • Retrigger can now change pitch after each retrigger.
  • Shuffler is now more flexible and creates a wider range of sounds.

Changes to the GUI…

  • Added mouseover tool tips to every control.
  • Sequencer is now much easier to edit.
  • Pattern length can now be changed more easily.
  • Entire sequencer pattern can now be shifted left or right.

Other stuff…

  • Improvements to the audio engine when transitioning from effect to effect.
  • Completely new filter code which sounds much cleaner.
  • Added MIDI learn (right-click on any circular knob, then move your MIDI controller to set).

Hope you enjoy using the plugin! I’ll have more updates to the website soon, including new audio demos and documention.

If you spot any weird behaviour when using the plugin, please report it to me via the support form on the Glitch website.


looks awesome! i haven’t tried this yet althought i’ve heard a lot of good things about it. might try it out sometime

Even more reason to now that it’s free :D

wow… really awesome plug… and why did you make it free?? or its for beta?

(As I just posted in a mirror thread on KVRaudio)

I haven’t really had the time/energy to continue working on this particular series (1.x) of Glitch, so it seemed unfair to continue selling a product that realistically I could not support anymore. Rather than just stop selling v1.2.3 and leave it in its slightly crusty state, I decided to make the effort to clean it up and make it a bit more powerful and easy to use. I’m pretty much considering this to be the last version in the 1.x series (aside from bug fixes, which I’m sure there’ll be a few of), so I just wanted it to be as nice as it could be before stopping work on it. Hopefully the enhancements will help it remain useful for a while longer.

I should also mention that I’m not abandoning Glitch completely. I simply don’t have the time to juggle work on multiple versions in addition to all the other stuff I do every day. Moving away from v1.x will give me more time to focus on v2.x, which will be a completely different beast altogether. Who knows when it will actually be ready, but, everyone that bought a copy of Glitch 1.x will be getting a free license for Glitch 2.x (which I intend to sell for a higher value).

thx a lot dblue. Just downloaded it. I’m just too tired to try out today. Will check tomorrow. :)

Very 1.

Will check out your candy monster later… btw, I like the old flanger… I guess I’ll keep both versions!

Wow! Thanks a lot! I was planning to buy it sooner or later. This is like christmas, only I get a really useful present instead of some ugly underware. :yeah:

Thanks dblue and good luck with version 2!

Thanx for this dblue! :)

What about putting up a paypal-account for those who want to contribute in any way until v.2 comes?

ok those samples on the site sound amazing…
I know i should take the time and learn this vst, better d/l now.

I like the colorful thingies. Looking more intuitive! Thx man!

I really, really appreciate that you and other people are willing to make a donation and make that gesture of support, but honestly it just isn’t necessary. I will continue playing around with code either way, it’s just something that I feel compelled to do, so I feel a bit weird about the whole donation thing I guess.

I will be selling Glitch 2 when it is eventually ready (probably months and months from now), and I really want to try and push that out there as a nice product, possibly even break away from this monotonous life of building websites each day, hehe. But until then, we’re cool. Just enjoy the plugin and make crazy music with it :D

taht one is really crazy, thx a lot

ahoi! :D
as your official fan-boy, ive to say: good job!
nice tapestop and a beautiful gui. really nice changes …
and the midi-learn is just awesome.
its a big benefit for the whole “vst-community”.
thank you, dblue.

btw: the random button is gone, right? or exists there a CC# for randomizing all settings of the fx-chan?
(cause the rand.-function by hosts will switching the filters- and de-clicking/envelope- settings also)

random button is still there… you can choose to randomize steps or effects… but not effect values as i understand

The randomise functions that are in there now only apply to the sequencer pattern.

The randomise function that worked on the actual effect parameters in previous versions of Glitch is not available in the newest version. It will probably re-appear in a small update sometime soon, I just wanted to expand it a little bit to make it more useful.

thanks again

This is nice! Much more intuitive interface.

Got a few ideas while playing with it… for version two perhaps? Not very thought through… just throwing it out there. :)

Pattern rec:
Clicking an effect while the sequencer is running with Rec on, records that effect to the pattern… would be very useful for live situations. Especially if linked to a MIDI keyboard.

Switching effects in the pattern… If you drop one effect on another, they will switch positions with eachother in the sequence. In this example, all ‘Tape Stop’ would become ‘Stretcher’, and vice versa. If there was no ‘Stretcher’ in the sequence it would act like a fill function. Maybe right click drag’n’drop could act as forced fill? Or the other way around. Would let you keep the pattern intact while playing around with different effects.

Click for a larger image

Very interesting ideas! I especially like the record idea. I’ll definitely give these a bit more thought.