global automatable scale for phrases

It would be great, when we could set a global scale for all instruments/phrases. So, when i want to change the scale, i dont need to change it in all instruments manually. I want to automate this new global scale, too. So i can jump between minor and major scales easily and my phrases would be still in tune. I currently duplicate instruments to archive this, which is complicated and not very resource friendly (using vsts or big instruments with many samples). Maybe as automation parameter in the master channel or as pattern command or as chord track (similar like in cubase).

Btw. it would be great, when instruments with a configured scale gets an icon in theinstrumentselector, too.

Just local automation of an instrument’s scale would help a lot. Would be really handy to have global automation that would override any local automation, to manage harmonic shifts. Sounds like a lot of work though. Coupled with custom scales… :panic: