Global Groove select instead of groove on / off

I wonder a bit:
I know I can turn Global Groove settings On/Off with the ZGxx command in the effects lane…
ZG00 turns it off
ZG01 Turns it on…

May I wonder: Why cant I Select 1 of the 8 grooves with it?

ZG00 = Off
ZG01 = Global Groove template 1
ZG02 =Global Groove template 2

etc etc…

The main reason, why I wonder… is because I am trying to make bigger and bigger and bigger projects, containing multiple songs in 1 file.
simply put: making huges mixes of multiple songs in 1 go… hence the need for “multiple grooves”

That, and I like ultra weird timing…

Yes: Now I do play allot with alternating tempos and lines per beat and whatnot, to get simular results… but I got the feeling, changing the groove template

will give me smoother results. (not 100% sure :slight_smile:

Very nice suggestion.

It sounds like simple but very useful idea!