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ive asked this in a previous thread if you can grab a note with a button and move it up and down with the arrow buttons , @James_Britt told me theres a tool somewhere that can do this , as i mostly record in using my midi controller and occasionally have to move edit notes this would make my life easier as doing it with the mouse is a chore , in fact the whole mouse thing should be secondary in this daw in my opionion its one of the reasons why i love it .
SO if anyone finds this tool please tell me and can we make it part of the program @taktik please dude, if its not too much trouble cheers pals and people

I went into my local Scripts/Tools dir and the “name” is “com.renoise.nudge.xrnx”. Tools have a Manifest.xml file that should have a home page url. This one has but that address returns “page not found.”

I think the redesign of the domain dicked-over a number of Web addresses. And there’s no search option for the tools section.

It’s possible that this tool just comes with Renoise, so the next option is to open up the preferences window (ctrl+,) go to the Keys section, and in the little search bar near the top look for “nudge”.

My set-up has options for Nudge Up And Nudge Down, which I mapped to ctrl+shift+u and ctrl+shift+d.

My memory tells me I had to install something to get this, but recall failure is quite possible : )

I just decide to zip it up and upload it

your the man thank u so much dude , keep it here please coz im away from computer until sunday you rule james

i saved it to my phone and emailed it to myself thanks man , but keep it here in case will i be able to map the controls to single buttons cheers

DM or PM me or whatever if you lose it.

thanks james i have it now

Ho to make it work?In my Linux machine when I install it and then go to Renoise I can’t even record notes,it locks everything.

got it working in windows i think you need to set the keys for it in preferences keys

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