Granular Effects

Does anyone here got some tips for how to make granular effects (with third party plugins) in renoise?

im thinking about some glitch effects like on this example:


Id like to take a beat and add some granular effects to “wash it out” for ambient music…

thx in advance

Hey, I use granular effects quite a lot. The main plugin I use is called Granite by Sonics art, and it is probably your best bet for getting a cool sound, it’s really intuitive so I’d suggest you just download the demo and play with the presets and see what you can do.

Other than there are a few reverb plugins you can use to do some granular effects, if you simply want to wash out your sounds maybe they’re better for it. Check out stuff like smartelectronix’s KTgranulator and ambience and maybe KResearch’s KR-Reverb FS. They’re all free so it can’t hurt.
And lastly try looking into time stretch effects, there’s a renoise tool called rubberband that’s really bad for time stretching but can give some cool mangled effects on a sample.
More or less all reverb units and timetretch/pitchshift units work by granular principles anyways, so it’s not hard to make them do stuff like this even though they weren’t made for it.
Hope that helps.

Reaktor is still the best for granular stuff in my opinion.

1st of all thx to you gooze for your help and your tips. i downloaded some of the plugs u mentioned and will try them now!

esp81, could you explain what exactly you are doing with reaktor? which ensembles are you using etc?!

Check out Twisted Tools, especially Scapes, its like granular delay.

Otherwise i would suggest checking out the traveliser(or similar, cant remember the exact spelling) in the factory library of Reaktor. Also there’s one ensamble called Drone-E, which is pretty cool.

Theres probably alot more in the user library for this kind of stuff.

For granular effects I find Melda Production’s MMultiBandGranular very good. The multi-band capabilities are really useful and there are also a bunch of modulation features. For synthesis Alchemy is great.

Depends on if you want realtime you can work with inside renoise, of if you want non-realtime/post.

I’m going rto assume you are looking for realtime, but for non-realtime Akaizer works really well.

Since I kind of expect you want realtime stuff I grabbed the links for you below
Laurence Davies’s Insta-Jungle, and Dblue’s Glitch are the most superior software I’ve found, only ever trumped by high-end hardware.


Probably not good linking to link directly to a person’s package especially when you consider him a friend and he’s a Super Ultra Bad Ass Renoise Dev.
Grab the OLD VST PLUG-INS PACK and Glitch 2 from the plugins link.

…Stretcher does exactly what you want with nothing else to deal with.

Any patches you`d recommend?

Someone should build a lua tool for doing this in renoise natively, basically you can do grain manipulation (timestretching etc) on high enough pattern resolution (up the pattern length, bpm & lines/beat settings) and using the Sxx commands. There is a panning column for stereo fuckery and you can change the notes for different pitches of the grain -> then render the result to new sample.

If I had the coding chops I’d build this one myself :wink:

That’s cool, but you could piss all over this video with a tracker. Bxx and Sxx commands in Renoise? Not trying to be snotty, just sayin’, yo. Consider saving your 200 bucks?

You maybe could piss on a tracker a little bit with Reaktor, but that’s neither here nor there. Unless it is. OK.

Reaktor,Twisted Tools are amazing.Also if your interested in max for live plugs,check out beatwifes plugs,very cool.

Grab this dron-e

The creators just joined Twisted Tools and made it free.

The original question was to create granular effects in Renoise. Dron-e is a Reaktor specific plugin not supported by any other DAW.

Respect for linking to the page and not directly to the files ;)

Quick correction: You can actually find the old plugins pack on my personal blog, not my commercial site.

lovely stuff! Any more patch suggestions are very welcome

In fairness, some people did ask about reaktor. You can count yourself lucky though, this patch is 464mb!!

That’s true, sorry about that. 464MB… i have several large sample libraries of which the whole update is over 3 to 4gb to download, so such sizes won’t do me much (considering i have 512Mbit downstream).