Greetings From Nekk!

Hey everyone! My name is Nic, but I go by nekk in the irc, and these forums. I just got renoise yesterday as an early Christmas present, because I have wanted it for a very long time. I was previously using milkytracker (nice for a free program!), but I am amazed at how much depth renoise adds to tracking! I am having a great time learning, and just wanted to stop by to say hey :)

Also, for all stalkers:

Age: 15
Location: Florida, USA
Favorite Color: Blue
OS: Linux :D
Genres: I have no idea 0_0

By the way, I wanted to get my first renoise project out of the way (since I knew it would suck!) so I made a little loop last night. Not very interesting, but pretty fun to make ^_^

I hate vacation.

There’s a computer here all right, but with no sound.

That means I don’t get to listen to your loop until tomorrow, when I’m back at home.

In the meantime, welcome to the Renoise forums, and congratulations on not having to pay for a license. :P

Oh, and another thing, the “DO NOT TROLL” rule is even bigger here, because us well-behaved Renoisers have high standards. You won’t get away with much here; I learned that the hard way. I’m not saying you’re trolling, I’m just saying don’t… or you’ll be sorry.

EDIT 1: Completely unrelated, but are you a Metroid fan? If so, you are a friend of mine :P.
EDIT 2: Last time (I hope), why do I need to know your favorite color?

@nekk: congratulations on the license, and welcome to the community! really good to know your favourite colour is the same as mine.

@insanity: can you post examples of how you learned not to troll the hard way? :)

@insanity: It’s alright, the loop sucks anyways ;)

And I never troll, it doesn’t accomplish anything (plus there are so many other people who are much more fun to watch!)

Yes, I love metroid! However, as you probably know, my main icon (in my profile) is from Cave Story (also an awesome game) :)

My favorite color is the single most important piece of information in the history of the human race!

@rhowaldt: Thank you very much for the warm welcome! GO BLUE! :D

It does not! But it’s a bit on the short side. Actually, 3 seconds more and you could commit it to BYTE-Smashers epic 13-second challenge!!

PS: Welcome Nic/nekk, and congratulations on the license. Let’s make sure whoever gave you that one won’t regret it!!

Thank you! It is a bit too late to change the loop to 13 seconds, but thanks for letting me know you liked it :D

I will try my best to learn it, I am having a great time learning the basics, experimenting, and dissecting peoples songs :)

Random noob question: I am currently stuck with just the default samples, and a few I managed to find scattered around the internet… What should I do to find more samples, on a teenagers budget of 0.00? :)


Some links may be dead but this could be a good starting place.

don’t know if they are mentioned in kazakore’s link, but you might want to check out HISSANDAROAR. for each pack, at the bottom, is ‘free stuff’. just enter your email address and you get a download link.

also, try to make good use of the Generate Custom Wave Tool!

[center]15!!! 15 and you use Linux and Renoise? MAN YOUR ON YOUR WAY!!! Keep at it and WELCOME TO THE COMMUNITY!!! Please feel free to come on in to the IRC on EsperNET and idle away and partake in the convo’s !


@kazacore and rhowaldt: Thank you very much, now if only I could organize all these samples, my samples folder is a mess XD

@niNja_pWn3d: Thank you, that means a lot! I am in the IRC right now (I have been for a while!), under the name nekk! See you there :)

try to think it over sometime. come up with a logical system of organizing your samples. for me, i categorize them: beats, instruments, voice, fx, micro. then for each category there are subcategories. so beats has breaks, downloads, hits and loops. instruments has all sorts of different instruments (piano, strings, bass, electronic, etc), voice has short, spoken, sung, interview, etc.

keep in mind: this is my personal system. i make use of the folder presets in the Renoise sample browser to get fast access to most of my stuff. however, when ripping/saving new samples, i for example have a loop with vocals and beats, i have to switch back and forth between folders in Audacity (which i use for my ripping and cutting) for each sample, which can be a drag. so if you come up with a better system for organization, please share it with the community, as i believe you are not alone in your samples being a disorganized mess.

that said, also remember that i am pretty obsessed with organization. for example, all of my MP3s are organized in a similar way (but with genres and subgenres and sub-subgenres and so on), and each has the album art in the folder and the filenames fixed to be ‘artist - album - 01 - title.mp3’
with 4000+ songs, you can imagine the time that has gone into this, and it is definitely not something for everyone. however, it keeps things easy to find and strangely sooths my mind :)

good luck! if you have any questions feel free to ask them!