groove settings per phrases

(Djeroek) #1

See thread title, groove controls per phrase would open up can of swing :drummer: .

Please :)

Does global groove effect the phrase editor?
List of feature suggestions for Renoise
(causticlimax) #2



Now i see a purpose for phrases if this feature will be implemented.

(hmā) #4

Still not using phrases but would love to have groove settings per track…so anyway +1 I guess

(ffx) #5

Also please non destructive swing per track as track options, not just song swing.

(Denim) #6

groove per track, and per phrase… ooh yes please.
but how should the global groove setting interact with this? ignore? as in “if custom groove is set on current track/phrase, don’t apply global groove on this track/phrase”, i assume?

(detektiv_plok) #7

An automatable per-track/phrase groove would indeed be a very nice feature to realise natural-sounding and/or abstract rhythmic variations with minimum effort.