This might well be under the topic “change in speed concept” but I though It’d need a topic of its own.

Individual groove per track would be so mindblowing!!!

Have you guys tried the groove inside cubase? It is actually quite similar to that in renoise. You can hear the groove while playing with the settings and the song playing in the background, but it is not limited to all the tracks. You can have whatever groove on whatever track and change all the settings on the fly.

I think something like that would be soooooo welcome :)

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Individual groove per track somehow (and not exactly) means different tempo control per track. I would also like to see such feature, but I’m not sure if it is possible to implement easily.

This feature will also boost up the process of making middle-eastern percussions in renoise.

The only way to have groove settings per track now is using delay commands (then you don’t need to tamper with tempo) and retrig commands.
Yes it is a lot of craftwork unfortunately. Being able to perform grooving the same way song-groove is being applied makes life a lot easier.

devs - get on the case

hopefully this will be in the next renoise update (3 years from now -___-)

You can now script this easily using the delay value columns.
No need to wait for a core solution if your fingers are itchy.

are you saying i enter the values in the delay column for each note i want swing applied too? that doesnt sound efficient at all. i’d be in a non-swing mood if i had to tediously do all that lol

You can create small pattern. Ctrl+c to copy, ctrl+p to fill the pattern. I know it’s not optimal but there isn’t better way at the moment far as i know.

i know that there are ways around to get the swing into your track im just saying it should not be this much effort. if other daws can just have it applied to whatever track or sequence etc. Renoise should be able to deliver the same. all i ask for (well at least atm heh) is for renoise to have better groove settings/features and This

btw: my fave method of getting swing is adding empty space to the beginning of the sample in the sample editor ;)

What about vsti’s? ;)

guess you got me there lol. unless you wanna go the long way and render your vsts to a sample which i highly doubt haha

No, i was saying that you can script this easily, meaning, you can create a script that simply automate this on specific line schedules you want it to be applied if any note is there and assign the execution of the script to a shortcut key (or multiple of you want to apply multiple groove schemes).

In combination with the advanced edit panel this can work pretty well… just deselect all the note categories except delay, copy (continuous)paste.

Someone also made an awesome set of scripts for it called PushBack (forum post with explanation) and PushBackKeys. The latter is only downloadable via git for now though (server issues). It allows to set delay values quickly for the whole track, every edit step. You can even step the cursor to a group track first and it’ll edit the delay values for all tracks in the group. Imho it works way more intuitive than the groove function inside renoise.

setting the cursor to a group track?! :o i didnt even think of that :lol: i’m actually not very familiar with the advanced edit panel :wacko:

btw ive never paid attention to these emotes either :badteeth: