assign samples to their own individual track

So I’ve asked this in the beginners questions section, and think that since there’s no answer to get what i wanted, im going to make it an ideas and suggestions thread (+:

Anyway, I think it’d be amazing if Renoise allowed you to assign individual samples (not instruments, because you can already do that)to its own track. lets say ive generated a drumkit within the Renoise sample keyzones or lets say that i’m using one of Renoise’s drumkits such as the 808kit for examples sake. Now I have all of the samples mapped to my drumpad and wanna start recording live, but i dont want all of the samples im triggering on one track. instead i could play my drumpad with all of the samples recorded to their own track. That way after im done recording, i can then apply effects to each of the samples/tracks or edit them with ease and it keeps things more organized ;]

Maybe this could be done by right clicking on the sampled keyzone where your sample is and in the dialog box there’d be an option that says “assign to track x”

or maybe like this:


Does anyone else agree that this would definitely boost productivity and make recording/song making super efficient? I’m not even sure if any other DAW has this capability, and if that’s so then this would definitely have Renoise ahead of every other DAW in my opinion.

Yung McBucket

I’d really enjoy something like this. Especially when I’m sequencing drums or something, It’d be so much easier to put EVERYTHING on one track, and not have to bounce around making sure that individual drum hits are on their own tracks. +1

i guess with all of the effort i put into making this thread, i still explained poorly :’(

im suggesting the complete opposite of what you’re saying haha! i want each drum sample on it’s own track, not everything on one! so like after im done recording my drumloops live, each drumhit/sample will be placed in its own track. this would be useful for mixing and apply effects to your drum sounds, because if you have EVERY drum sound on one track then all of the sounds are manipulated if you add an effect to the track and i dont want that. i wanna be able to have full control over each drum sample with ease.

Currently for offline there is:

The other “live” solution is:

The live solution is not suitable for real-time purposes unless you don’t mind walking the risk that the GUI thread will miss a note slamming position once in a while.

still not what im asking for. not even an alternative really. thanks for the try though :9

btw theres alot of things about the note mapper that doesnt work. i followed the instructions but no avail

I would have to look into it, i recall that the note-mapper was originally written for 2.7 so i did a raw update of the tool with minimal checking.
It was meant as an example-tool for scripters to extent from, hence it is not on the tools page in general.
Recording should be done with pattern edit mode turned off, else you get double notes in the pattern.

A quick test i learn that notes bound to track 1 and 2 work, but not beyond that, so i will have to look into it if i get the time to it, that won’t be earlier than the weekend and the weekend is pretty much fully booked with activities as well, so i hope i don’t forget.

the keyboard was the only thing to work for assigning the note to the tracks, but when i tried on my padkontrol nothing comes up, yet the tool does recognize that my padkontrol is connected. also it only assigned the notes to one track so it was totally ineffective. i’m not a scripter or have any knowledge on scripting so i wouldnt know how to add to the tool. I do greatly appreciate your efforts though. Thanks bud!

After a fresh new start of Renoise, i fail to reduplicate the situation.
I can use both keyboard and midi device to assign notes to multiple tracks and i can also record them.
Only when using the plain keyboard, you don’t hear the actual input while recording whereas the midi device ofcourse triggers the sample.
I tried to leave some tracks unprogrammed to see if there was a culprit, but no issues arised when attempting to test the tool.

You can not assign the same note/key to multiple tracks though, well you can assign, but only the first track it is bound to will be used for it.

I’m not sure what kind of notes your pad provides, the script contains a “globals.lua” with a nr_debug value that is set to “false”. If you change it to true, it will print what it receives from your midi device to the terminal output. (given that you have enabled the scripting editor and terminal option (scripting developer tools) for Renoise as described here: )
If you set it to learn it will also describe the note and octave and notenumber in the settings.

Perhaps your pad is assigned to a specific instrument in the Midi-in properties of that instrument… Or you are already using your midi device in Duplex. There might be situations where double assignments of your midi device might lead to disruption of message receival.

absolutely good, it would be very useful also for refreshing old fasttracker modules and it was the standard mixer destination in skale tracker, +1!

really appreciate your favor for the idea. i wish more people would hop on the bandwagon so itll actually happen by the time renoise 3 is released lol. i doubt it will happen, but a man can dream cant he?

I really thought I already said this here; I voted though. It’s a shame that the ‘standard mixer destination’ exists for VSTi’s but not for Renoise sample instruments.

Bump (Maybe for the new update?)

This is what the Output section in the Effects panel of the Sampler does.

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