Gta Iv

So who else is eager to play this video game? I’m sure some of you are.

I’ve got it pre-ordered it for the 360.

that first guy’s gotta be the inspiration for Niko.

I liked GTA1, loved GTA2 and GTA3 was just great. That was only beaten by Vice City. But San Andreas sucked, because I absolutely hate Hip Hop and this stupid Ghettostuff which is too much stereotypical in my humble opinion.

With GTA4 there’s this new engine. Just for that I wanna test it. But as I don’t have an Xbox nor a ps3 I’d never play it, I guess

It is already leaked for the xbox360, check your favorite torrentsites…gameplay clips are popping up aswell, looks very good & fun.

I bought a PS3 the other day especially for GTA:IV… Got my copy of the game pre-ordered and ready for a midnight pickup on Monday! :)

In the meantime I’m having a lot of fun playing Burnout Paradise!

The trailers for GTA4 are awesome.

I loved GTA: San Andreas. It was the most extensive, and it fit the concept of the game well. Early 90’s Los Angeles is without a doubt the most iconic setting for modern gang warfare. Dudes were getting dropped every time you blinked. That game gave white boys in suburbs all over the world an opportunity to experience that. To play as a white guy in NYC or London or what not just wouldn’t have been as realistic.

Okay, that’s the variety of different tast I’d say ;)

nyc & london are better cities, but they don’t fit the concept of gang warfare as well. if you made a list of the top 25 biggest cities in america, nyc would be the safest on the list. nyc would be a better setting for a stock broker game.

it’s probably harder for europeans to relate to the gang shit in san andreas, b/c it was modeled after the bloods & crips, which is an american thing [with both gangs being based in la (that’s why la made sense for the game)]. when you grow up seeing them on the street all the time, it becomes a reality, not some fictitious thing from video games and movies. that’s why americans might relate to it more. but in any case, gta 4 is gonna kick ass. i just hope it will come out for computer eventually.

damn, I used to be so hooked on gta2, used to play it
over LAN with my brother and my roommate, wreaking
havoc downtown shitville and blow up stuff… I mean, who
cares about the setting if you’re gonna blow it all up anyway…
we played vice city until our fingers bled, with the mp3 radio
chucked to the brim with all that got our groove going… aah…
Catscan’s ‘The World Is Mine’ was never the same again…

my brother has a ps3 and a tv the size of my ego and will pick up his
preordered copy soon. I’m thinking about moving back in with my parents.

man, if they do port it to pc, i really hope they don’t do what they did to scarface by making it non-keyboard friendly.

playing Vice City these days on PSP. LOVING IT. and are gonna get me a PS3 sooner than soon. it’s a high priority. :D

^^ it’s too bad most of us will never play those (vice city stories and liberty city stories). but whatever. i’m sure they’re not better than gta 4 and san andreas.

On GTA 4, I want a code to bring the World Trade Center back. Then I’ll put in another code to get the harrier jet.

WOHA! as Al Pachino would say.

They’re also out for the ps2 and pretty cheap moneywise, fun gameplay though not so sharp graphics since it is just a simple port from the psp.

well thats still cool. there ya go, folks: two more gta games you can play if you dont have a ps3 or 360

the pc port of san andreas was rubbish. i spent ages trying to kill invisible characters who would shoot you but could only be run over if you wandered off to tag walls for an hour and then came back. hoping your ‘homies’ hadn’t accidentally shot themselves or something. also making the AI integral to parts of the gameplay (such as the gang-wars bits) didn’t work because they’d always walk in front of your line of sight, and you’d get shot trying to avoid shooting them. also most of the games humour was irritating rather than funny, and somehow the radio sucked and had no atmosphere in spite of some great music. you may also notice the atmosphere of the 90s is ruined by things like, modern cars from today, like scoda octavia’s in the current model/shape which did not exist during that decade. also ebay billboards everywhere, for example. the dialogue was poor. the hugeness of the game, rather than adding atmosphere somehow just made it irritatingly sprawling so that you would have to drive for hours to do such fun gangsta things as ‘take your girlfriend for pizza’ or lift weights at the gym. and again here probably your girlfriend walks infront of one of the constant absurd car pile-ups and runs off. even the stoner-geek humour of parts like the dope-farmer, which should have been easy cheap humour is somehow ruined by the script-writers. the game had it’s moments for sure, but compared to vice city, which was utterly fantastic, and indeed the other GTA games, San Andreas was a huge let down.

GTA IV will hopefully kick ass though ^_^

gametrailers video review, game gets a 9.8:

it’s just a matter of perspective i guess. my memories of san andreas were of staying up all night w/ friends and smokin’ out, not having a care in the world. yeah, you have to drive a lot, but that’s LA. the countryside/desert is no diff’t, so of course it’s gonna take a while to drive from vegas to frisco or what not. you can buy real estate (save points) all over the map to prevent driving, though. we’d rent the shit out of that game. then i bought it for computer, and have maybe played it 20 minutes since i got it. it’s not the same when you’re playing it alone on a computer. i’m curious if gta4 will be city to city or borough to borough. i’m guessing the latter.

We’re going to pick it up tonight, I’ll add my 2 cents after I get a good play on it. For the record, I’d rather play the PC versions of any GTA game rather than console. Though controlling the airplanes and heli’s is a bitch, It was easy to get around with them on the PS.

when i played mafia on pc, i did all the on foot stuff with keyboard & mouse, and the driving parts with my gamepad

it was awesome though, and the only game of its kind i’ve enjoyed. every time i’ve tried to pickup a gta game after playing mafia i’ve been sorely disappointed