Guruh? You Sure?

suddenly i noticed my post count, and then realized i will be attaining the highest possible forum-status (‘Guruh Motha Fakka is Levitating and Knows Everything About Renoise Member’) in about 27 posts (in exactly 27 posts at the time of writing, actually).
now, i am aware i am not the first one to celebrate the coming of this event, for as some of you will be aware gentleclockdivider was first (first ever? i did not search that far)

however, what i found a bit startling myself, is the fact that i joined the forums on 26 march 2010. this means that it took me little over a year to get to 1000 posts. i know i spend quite a large amount of my time in these forums, but those statistics are pretty confronting.

furthermore, what i find strange is that i will be attaining a status that essentially describes me as an all-knowing person when it comes to Renoise. this is, however, a load of crap. more than a year on the forums means about that much time using Renoise, and mostly only during weekends too. you can practically calculate how many hours i could possibly have spent with this piece of software, and from that deduce that i cannot know everything there is to know about Renoise.

so, i would like for people to remind themselves of that fact. i am still, in many ways, a n00b.

i was wondering though: do the devs ever organize private dinners with all of the Levitating Guruhs? can i become part of some secret society or something? do you give lessons in actual levitation? that would be awesome.

in about 100 post further you posted the amount that took me 8 years :)

Not that i know of.
To give a small hint:Look at my post count and then be aware of the fact that i never met Taktik ever in personal life yet.
In other words:your forum status is just a line to fill in some space that would otherwise remain blank.

i think he should invite you over for drinks and self-baked cake.

It’s really nothing special. All meditating guruh members receives special gold plates handcrafted by Himalayan monks to put underneath their keyboards. The plates are sensitive to both sound and feeling, and make you float 7 inches above ground. When tracking this way, you’re on path to achieve ‘Composes without Wires’ - the next step toward full enlightenment.

ok cool. is the ‘composes without wires’ status attainable through levitated tracking alone, or is it possible to do for example 2000 forum posts and receive it as well?

wow, i just noticed i also have that status ! :D

rhowald, I think you’re (togheter with vV) the biggest poster on this board. I’ve seen you introduce yourself and pass me by just a few weeks ago. Keep this up and you can levitate (and moar?) in a day.

Renoise is, and is not.

Ever-newer sounds flow on those who step into the same patterns.

@mmd & @effdeeka: very deep. and to think that only one of you has the ‘levitating guruh’ status!

anyway, 11 posts away right now! if you guys keep talking on these forums, i’ll make it tomorrow!

congrats! :P

i guess who-ever came up with all these titels was smoking a nice joint while in the process… :w00t:

yeah, my thoughts exactly :)