Countdown To ' Levitating Guruh ' Status

Yepp that’s right , I shall soon receive 'the status of a 'levitating guruh ', and since I don’t have anything better to do at the moment, I’ll speed up the process by posting irrelevant/random words in some randomly chosen topic .

Seventeen posts to go

I am so excited about this , It feels a bit like losing my virginity for the second time

You’d better watch out. With all this spamming you might get banned right before the finishline :lol:

Just second?!

i’m just posting this reply to see how much posts i still have to make before i myself become epic and deflowered.

edit: 547? damn, not even halfway there yet.

spam post to get a higher rank

Welll you know what I mean

I don’t even know if it’s correct to congratulate you with that. What would your parents say. <_<

ps. Does this have something to do with you???

Oh boy , I mean I am just excited about my 1000 th post , just as I was when I got laid for the first time , ( which was 17 years ago) …Yep I am an Old timer (33 ) …I could say I was excited the first time I took drugs or had a near death experience , but instead I choose ’ the getting laid for the first time ’ which is something someone remembers, right, so don’t look for hidden messages cause there aren’t any :)

Seems that not a lot of people undert-stood the joke ( maybe because it wasn’t funny …
Butter ambulance , is a hommage to ’ joseph beuys ( a friend of mine made the video , I let myself go on a toypiano ) , how "d you find that link ?


i’m waiting for you to become a better man…in my polo shirt.

Sorry, that was a great example of my failed attempt at humor. “Ah, what would you parents say when they find out that you got 1000 posts on the Renoise forum!” Because (you get it?) you compared the feeling to losing virginity and parents aren’t’ usually happy with that.
damn, I suck… :(

just randomly went googling “gentleclockdivider” hoping to find something interesting… and to stalk you :ph34r:

Due to a popular demand we have raised the levitating guru status to 2000 posts.

finally! the more unattainable something seems, the more i enjoy striving for it (and then wallowing in self-pity when the inevitable dissapointment comes, of course). i am just romantic like that.

Only 9 left now. Or is it 1009 left…

almost there

Why don’t you spend the next six posts telling us about your life on the open waters, with pictures :)

I really start to fall behind on a lot of members, I think I’ll go l337m0d3 and pump up my post count to so everybody will think I’m awesome too :ph34r:

Maybe start a topic in which members have to count to 1000 without interruptions or something :lol:

I would never post uselessly just to get a higher rank. Wait, I just did!

why don’t you spend a post on explaining that animated gif avatar thing you got going there? what the hell is that all about?

+1 (to my post count)