Half-Life 2

Anyone seen the 25 min long halflife-2 gameplay video yet?

I’m still shocked… Anyone agreeing that this game’s going to be a HUGE success?

Their new game engine, “Source Engine” is MAGICAL!!


:drummer: :yeah: :guitar: :P

Yes! I was shocked too! I can´t remeber when I was that impressed by a game ever before! This could become the best games ever done…

well, I would wait for the final … they havent said anything about the machine the demo did run on (could have been an quad-pentium-3gHz pc or something).
but it did look very impressive and actually I hope that one company just finally succeeded to make a well-programmed game-engine again.

I mean, if you look at most modern games and their pc-requirements, they dont look that good. quake3 was the last game which really stunned me (with their shader-magic and all) and it did take only an affordable PC at that time (not a high-end one), but take a look at (for example) unreal2, I really wonder why I need such a big machine to make it run and then it still looks only “okay” and not breathtaking or anything.

I’ve read in the c’t’ that the demo was run on a 3Ghz P4 with a Radeon 9500 pro.

But as long as I can see, there is one major weakness in the source engine: it does not seem to support volumetric light, so self casting shadows and “real lighting” like in splinter cell and of course doom 3 will not be possible. However, this may be a configuration issue: so if you have an P4 5Ghz with a Radeon 9999 Ultra Mega Pro II you probably could turn it on :)

Anyway, if the game will be half as good as the video suggests, it will be THE game for me! I was standing with my mouth open the first time I did see it. It seems that this game will have the most “real” feeling 'til now.

I’m not sure I’ll even dare to play it… :o

If it is as good as it sounds like I hope they will build a counter-strike2 mod on that engine… :) It is going to be very interesting to watch the movie… but Fileplanet is so slow… it will take 40 minutes to download…

woot ? 40 min for 600mb is okay, or ?

lol :lol: I guess I’m alittle bit spoilt these days ;) since I got my 10Mbit connection 2 years ago I use to think every speed beneath 300k/s is slow :D when I connect to a fast server I can download a 600Mb file within about 10 minutes :rolleyes: :D


hehe, I know, I also had a t1 at work for myself for about 3 years … now I am back to dsl … its okay though.

Half-Life2: Recommended setup is: 2ghz with a GeForce4.
You’ll still be able to play it with a 700mhz computer… But it should look like hell hah…

Swedes: Have you heard that Bostream have started thier new VDSL-service? 26 mbit/sek (both directions). Currently available only in Stockholm and Gothenburg, but soon in all major cities :) Woho! And only for 40€/month :)

Let’s just pray someone will make a Counter-Strike 2, based on the new Game Engine :D

“Storm the front!” hehehe

Btw, I saw the movie yesterday and I have to say I was stunned! Before I saw it I was convinced it would take a few more years before we will see games like this… This will doubtless be something extra :)

Yep heard that yesterday :D Now we are talking speed :)

About the volumetric lightning, I don´t miss that kind of lightning because if they had that they would probably not have been able to put in so much other stuff…

Btw they are not using the latest source engine for Halflife 2. The engine they are using is based on a freeze from around 2002 I think. There are some other games in development that will use a later version.

Have you seen S.T.A.L.K.E.R? They also have some amazing graphics, but the game will probably not be as good as HL.

Yes, I’ve seen stalker. It will be some other kind of game. It has some role playing feeling a bit like Deus Ex. You can buy extras that give you a better protection, so you can get nearer to the reactor.

It has a strong plot thoug. Despite it’s not very complicated and will probably fit on a A4 paper, it has a reasonable explanation for the ongoing action (hunting artefacts for rich collectors) with rival other stalkers.The physic-engine seems to be very capable, too. I hope they will use it in other ways than simple calculating how dead bodies fall ;) And the graphics… :rolleyes:

I for myself have 4 games on my list:

  • Half Live 2
  • Deus Ex 2
  • Doom 3
  • Stalker

I am not sure about the order of this list (regarding both: which one would be better and which one will come out before the other :) )

Ahh, almost forgot Duke Nukem Forever, but I don’t expect it before 2005, anyway :D

This is the theoretical max speed, it depends on how far you live from the tele-station, most people will have a speed around 10Mbit… so Bredbandsbolagets offer will probably be as least as good cause that is VDSL, not ADSL…

Yep, ordered it today!!! :) I’m 1340 metres from the station and only get 8Mb in and 1Mb out :( Still I live very central in Göteborg only a few metres away from the main street (Avenyn rockar! :P :D ). Well 8Mbit is better than 2.5!

HL-2 Owns!

I was going to buy a new computer this summer (for music creation and of course to be able to play HL-2)

But my plans suddenly died…
My dentist found 5 holes im my teeth. And he found other stuff that requires treatment as well… So byebye 500-600€… :(

are you from america ? thats the thing I still cant believe altough I know this fact for such a long time … that americans have to pay to get even the most important medical care.

No, I’m from Sweden. Medical care here is almost free,
EXCEPT from teeth-treatment… grrr