Halve Selection / Double Selection?

would it be possible to allow one to set keyshortcuts for “squeeze” / “expand” block selection?
as an oldie st3/it2/etc impulsetrackerer, i keep going for alt-f and alt-h or whichever they were to double/halve the selection. itd be very nifty for quick trackin.


well if you expand the advanced pattern editor, (an A<->E button to the right side of the pattern editor.) you can expand and shrink your selection/column/other stuff. And I presume you can bind a shortcut to it as well.

Happy Tracking.

EDIT: actually, apparently you can’t set a shortcut,unless someone else knows how?

No there is currently no way to assign a shortcut to Advanced Edit options, sorry.

this is what would be wicked great - to be able to assign key-shortcuts to to shrink/expand. it was in ft2/st3/it2…

And when we are at it, I can also again spam one of old treads on the tangent. Please excuse me:

About one function and all of them in general.