Mix-paste Needs A Hotkey

I think mix-paste needs a hotkey among with almost all advanced edit stuff. They don’t need to be mapped by default, but there’s some very handy functions that would be very much more handy if they would have easy access from keyboard.

But today I decided only to whine about mix-paste. Please whine with me from it and any other hotkeyless advanced edit function that you would like to see hotkeyable.

/Khameleontti tha rns-karpo

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Even if it wasn’t a good idea I’d give you a +1 for that alone :lol:

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I would like to have a preset handling for advanced edit, and possibily an unassigned shortcut set for preset selection.

for example: preset “halve volume on selection” would set the advanced edit like this:

  • selection in pattern
  • volume
  • mul = 0.5

And execute this also I guess. This is a good idea too, although I really miss those fast volume adjustment things in old trackers. I do see that this would had very much more uses too tho.

It-Alien - it sounds like you’re describing some sort of macro functionality?
That’d be a very powerful feature indeed - recording and playback of keystrokes

+1 on both accounts

This is a very interesting idea. Some kind of renoise script…

Sorry if I’m not sticking to the topic - I still agree that mix-paste should have a keyboard shortcut.

But the suggestion by It-Alien got me thinking. To make a functionality that can payback and record all accessible commands (== the ones listed within the preferences dialog > keyboard shortcuts) would make for a really powerful, yet simple, macro system. If you know Photoshop, you might have used the “actions” palette:

Taking that concept into RNS would be extremely useful IMO

Please school me if this is already implemented, but mix-pasting using a combination of mouse and holding a key on the keyboard isn’t possible right now, right?

You can make a selection with the mouse and drag notes around or hold ctrl while dragging to make a copy without cutting the original notes…maybe the alt key can be used to hold while dragging and mixpaste the selection?

Defineable macros would be a great idea like:

Making shortcut for:

  • copy whole pattern
  • move to new clean pattern
  • paste old to new one
  • add new pattern to sequence

This is something that could sit as a one action under some shortcut key
I am doing a lot of these during arranging…

heard of clone?

i haven’t… thank you :)

I am definitely of the opinion paste and mix-paste should be assignable without using the AE toggle.

In impulse tracker alt+m was mix paste. Hitting alt+m once would mix notes, hitting alt+m again without moving the cursor would then mix paste effects.

wow I used impulse tacker for years and never noticed that option :wacko:

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i was looking around for this to no avail, it’s set to ctrl+v in the sample editor view, but there is not hotkey for the pattern editor :(

I don’t care if there is an arbitray setting, just the option to bind it would be great :D

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yep, we need mix-paste / merge-paste of St3/It2 times. its useful!

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You are not and this would not make it any more shortcut-able. Please make a new topic, you are on wrong one.

Yup. And I want those keyboard commands, goddamit!


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+1 for mix-paste keyboard shortcuts

command+shift+v on mac does it

u may b thinking of a different type of mix-paste