HappyMilkshakeMan's Music

When searching breakbeat hardcore I came across this guy HappyMilkshakeMan who used to be on this forum up until around 2011 I think. He posted a mix of his tunes (Tunes Of Mine, Nu-oldskool 'rave' (mixed)) which I was interested in hearing but the link is long gone. I know it’s a long shot but maybe someone here downloaded it or something?

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Wow! this is a blast from the past! I wasn’t even expecting to get an email alert but I’ve used the same email for so long there’s no reason why I shouldn’t. Haven’t used renoise is YEARS! (since going all hardware)
I’ll look around my old harddrives tomorrow for this mix. SHOULD be around!


Thanks dude! Great to see you back, even though we haven’t met lol

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