Tunes Of Mine, Nu-oldskool 'rave' (mixed)

you probably won’t beleive this was all written in 2008, you think it’s a trick right? wrong, I study the old rave sound very hard for the last 6 years of enjoying it

mixed on VDJ :drummer:
none of these tunes would sound so great if it wasn’t for my huge sample collection, korg M1 vsti and renoises lofi bitcrusher!

1 squatski - swanlake
2 skywalka vs squatski - untitled
3 rich g vs squatski - ruffbeats
4 squatski - set us 3
5 squatski - ready to rave
6 squatski - air
7 squatski - go-ski
8 squatski vs skywalka - fineday
9 rabbitcity1 - b/c (squatski rmx)
10 edge - compded (squatski luckydip rmx)
11 squatski - cheltenham rave crew
12 squatski - save the world

n-joi! :w00t:


looking forward to this!! currently at work, will listen when I get home!!
long live the oldskool, my friend, may the glowsticks bring light in
times of darkness

Yes that’s great! feels like I’m 15 again, thanx for the time travel 8)

yeh, nice one. cool you got them to tape, and back in, it really gives me those mixtapes vibe like the old days, likely as intended

I’m throwing an oldskool uk breakbeat/rave/acid party tomorrow, this mix is perfect to get in the mood!

I salute you for your skills to bring back the flavour and add your own spices to the sound, rave will never die! Refreshing, despite the nostalgic feelings it envokes.

thanks for the replies, all renoise power you hear there :) :)

by the way im 22 so i missed out on the original rave scene :(

I’m 24 so I wasn’t really out raving either ;)
but I sure remember the vibe of the time

I’m 25, raving and hardcore vibes still tremble my inner circuits. well done!
I’m going to play this on my party next week, I’m sure we’ll have a blast…to the past.