Hard to see which key you're on in keyzones

I miss seeing the white and black keys under the keyzones. Earlier while arranging keyzones i immediately knew which keys i assigned a sample to, but now i have to look closely and i find myself putting the sample on the wrong keys way too often.
Maybe it could be solved by coloring the lower horizontal edge of the keyzones (small squares) black and white? At least it would help a bit i think, but the best would be to see the keyboard right below the corresponding keyzones like earlier.

The old keyzone editor had a lovely keyboard graphic. Nice big keys, easy to work with.

+1 from me as well, though i suppose it’s not really avoidable with the new interface design and features…

The keyzone note areas have slightly varying background colours. Maybe the contrast could be a bit stronger and the backround extended above and below (just like the lines are).

As it is now the black keys are lighter than the white keys which makes it even more confusing. Should be possible to squeeze in a tiny keyboard under the grid?

Yeah, actually I’d prefer that, too.