Hardcore, Hardstyle

Hi all.
Any body here have write harddance styles? :drummer:

yes. me.

Yes, another hardstyler :)

I produce hardcore/freeform

I try to produce it. But everytime i make something it sounds obsolete and i just leave it… :expressionless:

can you share your expirience?
What vst do you use?
And do you use drum samples or geneate?
In buzz i have create drums with TB 303->compression->distorsion
But now i dont know how to generate HARD drums.

Hardstyle Drums (how to make them)

For drums I use regular 909 samples, put them through the shaper, compress them, add an 5-band-EQ and distort them. After that another compressor.

For synths I use Vanguard vst with some self-made presets. Vanguard is only 70 $ but it sounds pretty cool. Beast is really neat for “disturbing” synths. http://www.refx.net/?page=Beast

Well, i managed to create a heavy old-school hardcore kickdrum by messing with the TR-909 from Re-birth. Then i added Camel Phat to it, adjusted some parameters and got pretty happy with the results. Unfortunatelly i gotta know more about layering kicks, i guess layering does the trick for that kick we’re always looking after.

For leads the classic hoover sound from Roland Alpha Juno X is pretty good but if you want a unique lead sound try rendering it to sample and then guess what, add some DSP chain to it. (reverbs, distortions, lfos, etc.)

For basslines so far i’ve only tried samples, it suits fine since it doesn’t matter much to me. Korg Polisix has a strong bass, i recommend it to all of you!

The rest i guess it relies on good sampling, a lot of details and strong mastering skills to get the best of all the sounds.

Happy producing! :P

but maybe exist vst TR-909 ?

What you use for generate hard Bass?

Now there is a VSTi available which should sound like the 909:


I haven’t really tried it out yet…

But I mostly use Synapse Hydra to create hardcore kicks. You can make them quite raw and it has a lot of tweaking possibilities!

You should check it out! A nice start is the Dirt Kick A3 Preset. And then turn the knobs!!! :drummer:

thanks i will try it)

thanks i try but for ravity® is better
becoouse in Synapse Hydra is hard for create really good kick.
And ravity is very simple.

I don’t release Hardcore but just find it very cool to create.
about the kick, try adding lo/hi/band-pass filters and experiment with them.
I like the way they did it with the old chosen few - chosen paradise.

i produce mainly terror and speedcore hehe :P
and ive got a release on vinyl and cd :)

making speedcore and breakcore. just changed from modplug to renoise - great prog!!

hellseeker is that you?

I´ve done that before. Hardcore (oldstyle), industrial, etc.
A few renoise relases are

http://www.infrarot.de/index.php?page=merch-i-8686003 (DCDisk E605 remix)



E 605 -“Rockin’ da world” 3’27"



  1. Flügel (E 605 Break Da Wings Remix)


No it’s just me hehe ^_^

I too dabble in the black arts