[hardtechno - Schranz] Spdk- The Ringmodulator

I finished a new song: SPDK - The Ringmodulator

Just click on the next link http://spdk.hyves.nl press the playbutton and keep calm.



A direct download link would be appreciated :)

Sorry, no direct link availlable. Just click the link and press play, pretty straightforward.


it’s rather monotonous, but I suppose that’s what you were going for.
where’d you get that ringmodulation quote from? or is that you? :P

I don’t like variation or melody.

The quote is from the Hill Street Blues, fith show of season 3.

Offline till 8 AM (GMT +1)
We’re offline for maintenance, back up again at 8 o’clock!

And the title says: Hyves.nl – Always In Touch With Your Friends.


The site was unreachable because of some bandwith problems, thousands of people wanted to hear my new track at the same time. :D

The site is online again.

Excelent suggestion. If there was any play button to press that is.

No direct link = no listen. Simple as that. And don’t forget that you can download the song via FlashGet. So the excuse that you can’t hand out a direct link doesn’t apply for those who use FlashGet. :D

I don’t see why I should load a file up to ‘yousendit’ like most of the people do, and then click a couple of adds to download the file and play it after five minutes. Now my songs are organised in one place, works fast.

I’v clicked the link, the playbutton is there, maybe you need to scroll down a inch or two.

What is wrong with the playbutton? Did it get stock? maybe push a little harder…

Now about the music, what it is all about…

I think it is a masterpiece, you can hear that, even without a play button :)

nice song!
I like the speech in the beginning.

and yes… hyves sucks ass.

I’m glad Hyves sucks and not my track :) Thanks!

yes, good song

On first try today, the page gave some other error. Finally after waiting 5 minutes and couple of refreshes, I managed to load the page to find out that I can’t download the track to play in Remixta.

About the track though, I think there is somewhat too much repetition going on. Sure it’s Hardcore track, but even that could use some textures or even milder kind of modifications in the longer bashing parts… Maybe? I don’t know. Generally the track seems pretty decent work though.

I heard the song in excellent quallity in his studio…

It’s ashame the hyves player cuts away the lower regions, coz that is where the action is, when you think you are getting bored the bassline manages to keep the bass pumpin till you don’t want to hear anything ellse anymore…


flashget rocks

Pffft. Obviously you don’t care for your listeners. Please consider to be more polite in the future :rolleyes:

It isn’t obvious to me where I wasn’t polite to my ‘listeners’. Can you please explain your post to me? Thanks.

I think just the fact that it’s on hyves makes me subconciously dislike the song before I’ve even heard it :P kuthyves :)

I know, pauperhyves, just got a hyvesaccount because url SPDK on Myspace was not availlable for some technical reason. (The url wasn’t claimed by someone else, it got stuck in some process.)

But yesterday I have signed up for a virb account, hope this works better!