Hardware (renoise-proof)

Hi all!
At the moment i’ll use a AMD Atlhon 2000+ like 1.6 GHZ and use 512 as ram.
I do see a lot of peaks (almost 100%) in CPU usage witch creates the fact ‘can’t get my ideas edited in renoise anymore’. :angry:
Fill dozens patterns up with +/- 15 samples with the use of VST and (i)'s, problem occurs. Anoying myself to the max. U know the hickups etc u will receive !
So! :lol:

time has come, reserved the nickles… going for a new pc
A pc for Renoise it will be!
Running on VISTA. <_<

I just want to run renoise 1.9 at the best for making fine house music!
What about the proccessor ?
Intel Core 2 Duo or Quad ? Maybe AMD Athlon X2 or Phenom?
And what type of motherboard is prefered (will use the onboard soundcard first)?
2 GB ram steady enough ?

Further ill sample from CD and line in to my receiver. Won’t use MIDI, but will in future.
Any special configuring for vista to run renoise stable?
Just want to reduce the CPU usage as much as possible when buying this pc for renoise.

Hope u could help. thanks!


I am running renoise on an intel centrino pentium m1.8 ghz ( pre duo cores) and it runs damn fine …

i run mine on the exact same system,and yes it runs really good :D

Apparently the extra .2ghz does it? :P

I’d suggest doing a few things to your current system, dude… #1: defrag your hard drive #2: scan for virii/spyware/rootkits … #3: find out which VSTs are giving you issues, and start rendering their output to sample instead of letting the VST run rampant. VSTs are the #1 reason for Renoise bottlenecking.

Renoise runs fine for me on a 500mhz system in XP with at least 10 tracks of samples playing… perhaps I’m an oddball? Probably. Either way, your 1.6mhz should have NO issue with Renoise unless there’s some other factor involved.

for reference, look here and there

if i was to buy a new PC right now, i’d go for the following components:

the rest of the setup is rather negligible for gaining performance in renoise.
just a get hdd, psu, graphics card, etc of your choice - can’t really go totally wrong whatever you buy there nowadays, except for the PSU, which i wouldn’t buy too cheap (seasonic and tagan are recommended brands however).

he is using an athlon-xp which would even ruin all the fun when running at twice the clock…
the architecture is just totally overaged and inefficient.

the pentium-m would probably still own it at even 1.0ghz, due to doing more instructions per clock-cycle.
and besides that, not everybody is happy using renoise as if it was ft2… ;)

Thanks guys!
Special thanks for the links. Great info there.

I will result my new system over here when purchased.

I still don’t recommend running vista for audio related stuff. Seriously.

Better get yourself Win XP or something or wait until vista SP2.