Has Anyone Here Made 'dubstep' On Renoise

if so links please :)


I started to, wasn’t hugely successful though…


you already took notice?

unforunately im listening to these on the worst monitor speakers imaginable (that is, speakers in a monitor, not studio monitors)… still sounds good though!

Not ‘straight’ dubstep but yeah, “rave step” is how it’s been described apparently :P

Pirate Soundsystem - Scream If You Wanna Go Rasta

there’s a whole crew of them over there. it seems to be the trendiest sequencer on the forum.

Yes, I have many a fine memory making dubstep in renoise. Like back when the US invaded Iraq, I was home one rainy evening in April drinking Coca-Cola and programing what was to be my finest dub-step production to date. Well, I looked at the bottom right hand corner of the screen and saw that it was time to call up my friends (I told them a couple days before that we would hang out that night) Anyway, I burned a copy of the dubstep track I was working on, called up my friends, then hopped in the car to go meet them at the karaoke bar. That evening I drank about a 6pack worth of beer so I had a nice buzz going. Anyway, I went up to the karaoke dj and gave him the CDR of the dubstep track i made and told him to play it so that I could sing along to it. The DJ was like “Well, normally you have to pick a song from the karaoke song list to sing, but I’ll make an exception tonight…”
So it’s my turn to sing and the DJ puts on my dubstep, and I start freestyling rhyming and bouncing around on the bar room dance floor and the chicks were just going nuts. So after I’m done my track, this one young lady comes up to me and says, “That was the finest dub-step i ever heard in my life”
“I made it in renoise” I told her…
“Renoise? I never heard of it” said she
I looked in her beautiful doe eyes and said “Well, now you have.”

true story

If there was ever a Renoise commercial, that’s how it would go.

Old Hat.

Try out some Hauntological Music.

hobostep will be the next big thing in the hobotek continuum

I have tried. It’s enjoyable.