Haven't Been On The Board In A While...

…recently started working full-time this summer while studying for the US CPA exam and my time usually spent in renoise and on the renoise board has been all but killed.

Can anybody relate?

PC are better than Mac, Renoise 2.0 will have cowbell.

whats with this whole cowbell joke?i hear it all the time…lol

Christopher Walken said it on Saturday Night Live a few years ago and it was a hugely popular quoted phrase in the US. I see the phrase has made it across the pond now haha.

Cowbell will only feature on PC Renoise 2.0. Mac will use iBell.

Hahaha, priceless :rolleyes:

Here you are: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZhSkRHXTKlw

I have the opposite problem. I spend too much time on here. It’s a productivity problem for me. :(

Haha, I’m glad that I’m not alone on this issue then. Take care everybody.

Dearest Yeaux,
On bemost of myself, I relate to this 100 percent. But I’d like to share with you something that I’ve learned throughout the years. Posting on the renoise forums is a lot like riding a bicycle. Most of us will simply “jump back on” and take off as if it’s our second nature. And you know what, I’m certain you will find a little piece of heavenly-home right here on this forum anytime, even if many moons have passed.
Now for some people, picking up renoise where they left off is a lot like riding a unicycle…but this is a whole other sentimental post that I wish to save for a later date.

if you want to master the cowbell yourself:

and advance cowbell stuff can be found here: