Some of you guys may have heard of the phenomenons “headphones” or “ear-buds”, some of you might even use 'em as well?

If that’s the case then I would like to hear if anyone has some suggestions or recomendations of any good / affordable Headphones?

ATM i’m using some crashed earbuds half of the time and my sisters headphones(pretty good)- when she allow me…(never)
Soooo, I’m really in need of some good advice!!

If price is an issue Sony’s mdr-xb series is very good but they’re not made for professional and their bass is too loud. This is the case with many user end headphones since people don’t want accurate bass levels, they just want a lot of it…
I’ve been very happy with mine.

Have you checked out http://www.head-fi.org/ ?

i have Sennheisers of around EUR 30, my wife has them of about EUR 50, and both are pretty good. hers are better, because you generally pay for the frequency-range. check the specifications of the headphones for this info, and compare.

sennheiser hd 558, they’re really great. beautiful black design and high quality parts, low resitance (68 ohms or so), i’ve plugged them directly into my nvidia onboard sound and getting great sound.

much cheaper: superlux 668 b, a bit muddy bass and bad highs, but have overall very good sound for the money and nice design too. they’re 30 EUR and a lot of people rave about them.

sorry for german links

These have received some good reviews:


Beyerdynamic DT 770 pro - best headphones I have heard in my life. Save some money and go for it!

Thanks for all the advice! Checked some reviews and stuff and found these ultracheap Sony MDR-ZX100B(they’re just for a start, and I know they aren’t excellent)
When I’m going for the some new ones, it’ll probably be Sennheiser, Beyerdynamics or Audio-technica, which had some good previews.

Do any of you know something about the Sony’s?

I use Monster Beats by Dr Dre, ‘Solo’. Not too pricey and the sound quality is great in my humble opinion. They look great too :D

I do all my mixing with them, and I think my mixing has greatly improved as a result.

Beyer dynamic dt 990 pro… really cheap and have the best frequency response i ever herd in my life on headphones… beyer dynamic products are really worth to check out for monitoring headphones. thoses 990, 50 or 60€ pro had been ranked no1 on headphones.com just above some senheiser 1250€. dt pro 770 are really awsome too.

I HIGHLY recommend: Koss KSC-75. No joke, these things are only about $15 but once modified, they sound excellent. I like them as much as my Sennheiser HD590 which were originally $150.

If you do a google search for “KSC 75 Kramer mod” you can find a bunch of info, although personally I prefer the “granny knit” mod – http://www.head-fi.org/t/227962/variation-of-the-kramer-mod-for-the-ksc75 Although the headphones come with ear clips by default, they can easily be modded to work with a headband from another set as well.

Best bang for the buck ever, trust me.

too bad their microphones suck big time

AKG K240 has been the right choice for me

awesome definition and very well built

A little pricy but often it’s better waiting and spare some money for good equipment


I have Sennheiser 380 pro headphones or something like that. Really happy with those.

I wouldn’t use anything under 100 euros for serious production though. Maybe for listening to music, but not more than that.

I use Beyer Dynamic DT 990, a bit pricy at aprox €300 but I like them alot.
I can use them for a long time without getting tired, or getting swetty around the ears etc.
Good sound, handles bass very well, might be a bit on the bright side in the highs but you notice fast if there is an annoying hihat sound :)
Advantage and disadvantage is that they are “open”, so they sound more like you’re listening to a pair of speakers in your room but they don’t cut out noise at all.
So if you have a “noisy” computer then you’ll definately hear it.

Used a pair of Sennheiser 575 (or was it 585) before these, headphone mount broke.
I liked them as well, tried one step below those when my phones broke (a friend had two sets) but I hated them.
Can’t remember the number now but they had really dull highs and poor bass control and quite narrow “staging”.
On top of things they gave me a headache because they didn’t flex very well, so they were a bit tight for my taste/head.
And this was just one step bellow the ones that I had before, though price wise it was a €40-50 difference.

If you can afford it I would not look at anything below €100, as Suva says.
It really makes a difference, with that said it doesn’t mean that you can’t find pretty good headphones below that.

I’m no expert, but I use Sony MDR-V6s and they seem pretty good. I read some good things about them and they are really quite cheap. I picked up mine for around $120.

That’s pretty darn cool! I’ve got mine modded to fit inside the headband on some generic headphones I got for $8 at a discount store. I just took out the old drivers and used a dremel tool to cut holes in the side to give it air. It’s excellent :)

I used to have MDR-V600 (I think the same as the V6, or at least very similar) for several years before I had my Sennheiser HD590. The sound was OK, but they are really uncomfortable for listening every day. They clamp down really hard on your head, so after an hour or two of listening my ears would be really sore – Multiply this by several years of daily use at my previous job and I can honestly say I hate those headphones :)
I will say this however, MDR-V600 were great for DJ’ing because they would stay on my head really well and had decent sound isolation and good bass.

But seriously – Modified Koss KSC75 is way better than MDR-V600, and equivalent in sound quality to Sennheiser HD590 and better because they are more convenient for travelling – Smaller, and if I break them it’s no big deal because it’s only $15 to replace :)

sennheiser hd280s are a fucking steal. buy a pair.

I got a pair of Sony MDR-V6 recently, very good but slightly slightly harsh around the 5kHz zone.

I agree wholeheartly :drummer: