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This opens an XML file in a browser that is not my default browser. In that browser I just get a blank page. When I copy the link and open it in Safari, I get the plain XML data, without line breaks. In the past, this link send me to a HTML page, if I remember correctly.

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We’re using a xml-stylesheet for that (have a look at the xml file content), which many browser seem to block nowadays because it’s a local file reference.

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I see. Can you recommend a browser that does show it correctly? Firefox, Chrome and Safari do not.

Microsoft Edge. :joy:

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See for the full story.

The only way to avoid this would be generating a html file locally in Renoise, then showing this one in Renoise.
This probably isn’t worth the troubles.

For me the XML opens in Internet Explorer 11. :open_mouth:
And the result is ok for reading.
My default browser is Firefox and I also have Internet Explorer, Edge and Chrome installed on the same PC.
So I recommand IE to open this XML. :sweat_smile:

As far as I know, Internet Explorer is not available for any platform other than Windows, though.

I don’t know, but there are probably extensions to install in Firefox or Chrome that can open this type of files correctly. XML is a simple text file.

Chrome on W10 opens local XML files just fine for me (formatted and syntax-highlighted).
Apart from that any text editor works since XML is a plain text format.

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Yes, but it’s not made for human reading, but for machine reading. Users want to quickly see what the shortcuts are. They are not going to parse an XML file in a text editor :slight_smile:


From Chrome on Windows 10 can you see it like this? How have you done to make it look correctly, with formatting and highlighted text?
This screenshot is from Microsoft Edge Windows 10 64bit 1903.

This screenshot is from Firefox Quantum 69.0 (64 bit).

In my Chrome 76.0.3809.132 64 bits, the blank page appears.

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Here are the default shortcuts in HTML format.
Of course, if you defined your own shortcuts, they won’t be there…

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I stand corrected. I was talking about opening plain XML files (data, configuration, etc) with Chrome.
However, there is a way to make it work:

Create a shortcut to or simply run Chrome with the following parameters:
"C:\Program Files (x86)\Google\Chrome\Application\chrome.exe" --allow-file-access-from-files "C:\Users\MY_USERNAME\AppData\Roaming\Renoise\V3.2.0\KeyBindings.xml"

Replace MY_USERNAME with yours and it works. Keep in mind that you have to close other Chrome instances that have been started without the --allow-file-access-from-files parameter first or it’ll open the file in the existing Chrome process.

This is not super convenient but it is definitely possible to display the Renoise shortcuts with Chrome.

Keep in mind that this is a major security risk as it allows any website to access your local files.

Don’t browse the web in a Chrome instance started with that parameter!

So what does Microsoft Edge do to be able to display this XML without formatting problems? Does Microsoft Edge skip some security issue?

Can’t say for sure but my guess would be that Edge allows access to local files from within files that were already opened from the local filesystem.

All the other major browsers are very strict when it comes to accessing the local filesystem (for good reasons).

Actually, I do have another solution for Chrome!

Get this Chrome Extension:

  1. Click Choose Folder
  2. Select C:\Users\MY_USERNAME\AppData\Roaming\Renoise\V3.2.0
  3. Click the switch so it says Web Server: Started
  4. Open

Not sure if I set that port (8887) or if its the default port, if its not the default you might have to adjust the URL in step 4.

This works, because Chrome allows loading resources from URLs, but not from the filesystem (which the flag in my previous post enables).

EDIT: Of course any webserver should work. The Chrome extension is just a remarkably easy way to get a simple local webserver running.

This is a summary of the XML code. This file is always in that direction.
Through a window tool it would be possible to display all those shortcuts with a custom format, also with a vertical slider on the right. It would be enough to “read” that data and transform it through LUA with the possible formats of the API6 (now it has “strong” for the text source).
The number of possible shortcuts is always the same.

I guess the XML format is used for two reasons:

  1. Be able to update keyboard shortcuts and show it.
  2. Being able to print these shortcuts on paper in a pleasant format (from the browser).

I don’t think it was complicated for Renoise to have her own big window to show all this information. It could even offer the possibility of changing the shortcuts there, and not through a ridiculously small window.
If you press the “Print” button, it will open that XML file in the browser.
Keyboard shortcuts are very important in Renoise. The user would feel more comfortable with a larger window.

Perhaps in this way there would be no need to print anything on paper. Maybe a resizable and detachable window would be magnificent.

The same goes for the MIDI Mapping window:
Why are these windows so small ???

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@taktik Here is a solution for this problem (read here for reference)

The below combined xml + stylesheet works fine here in Safari and Firefox, locally. Following changes are required:

  • The stylesheet moves at the end of the xml, before the last closing root node
  • The stylesheet gets an id
  • On top of the xml, the stylesheet will be referred / href’ed using a inner document link like


  • The following doctype needs to be added:
<!DOCTYPE KeyboardBindings [
  <!ATTLIST xsl:stylesheet
    id ID #IMPLIED>

Working local xml with stylesheet:


I did. Tricky but doable :slight_smile:

KeyBindings (partial result)
Application                                     Preferences...                                  Control + Comma
Application                                     Switch to Other Application                     Alt + Tab
File                                            New Song                                        Control + N
File                                            New Song (no template)                          Shift + Control + N
File                                            Open Song...                                    Control + O
File                                            Save Song...                                    Control + S
File                                            Save Song As...                                 Shift + Control + S
Document                                        Undo                                            Control + Z
Document                                        Redo                                            Shift + Control + Z
Clipboard                                       Select Clipboard 1                              Alt + 1
Clipboard                                       Select Clipboard 2                              Alt + 2
Clipboard                                       Select Clipboard 3                              Alt + 3
Clipboard                                       Select Clipboard 4                              Alt + 4
View                                            Toggle Fullscreen/Windowed Mode                 Alt + Return
View                                            Focus Next View                                 Control + Tab
View                                            Focus Previous View                             Shift + Control + Tab
View                                            Recall View Preset 1                            F1
View                                            Recall View Preset 2                            F2
View                                            Recall View Preset 3                            F3
View                                            Recall View Preset 4                            F4
View                                            Recall View Preset 5                            F5
View                                            Recall View Preset 6                            F6
View                                            Recall View Preset 7                            F7
View                                            Recall View Preset 8                            F8
View                                            Focus/Show Pattern Editor                       Shift + Numpad1
View                                            Focus/Show Mixer                                Shift + Numpad2
View                                            Open MIDI Mapping Dialog...                     Control + M
View                                            Show Used MIDI Mappings...                      Shift + Control + M
View                                            Open Render Dialog...                           Shift + Control + R
View                                            Open Render Plugin To Instrument Dialog...      Alt + Control + R
View                                            Open Sample Record Dialog...                    Shift + Alt + R
Transport                                       Play/Stop/Edit                                  Space
Transport                                       Toggle Loop Pattern                             Control + Scroll
Transport                                       Play Pattern                                    RAlt
Transport                                       Play Pattern from Current Line                  Shift + RAlt
Transport                                       Play Song                                       RControl
Transport                                       Play Song from Current Line                     Shift + RControl
Transport                                       Pause/Continue                                  Apps
Transport                                       Schedule Edited Sequence for Playback           Control + Space
Transport                                       Play from Edited Sequence                       Shift + Control + Space
Transport                                       Record Pattern                                  Shift + RShift
Transport                                       Play from Cursor                                Shift + Space
Transport                                       Toggle Block Playing                            NumpadEnter
Transport                                       Select Previous LoopBlock                       Control + NumpadMinus
Transport                                       Select Next LoopBlock                           Control + NumpadPlus
Transport                                       Note Off                                        Shift + Capital
Transport                                       Smart Note Off                                  Capital
Transport                                       Note Off Row                                    Shift + Control + Capital
Transport                                       Smart Note Off Row                              Control + Capital
Song Control                                    Toggle Auto Solo                                Alt + Backslash
Song Control                                    Toggle Metronome                                Grave
Song Control                                    Toggle Follow Pattern                           Scroll
Instruments                                     Select Previous Instrument                      NumpadMinus
Instruments                                     Select Previous Instrument (2nd)                Alt + Up
Instruments                                     Select Next Instrument                          NumpadPlus
Instruments                                     Select Next Instrument (2nd)                    Alt + Down
Instruments                                     Select Previous Instrument Page                 Alt + Left
Instruments                                     Select Next Instrument Page                     Alt + Right
Instruments                                     Select First Instrument                         Alt + Home
Instruments                                     Select Last Instrument                          Alt + End
Instruments                                     Select 1st Instrument                           Numpad1
Instruments                                     Select 2nd Instrument                           Numpad2
Instruments                                     Select 3rd Instrument                           Numpad3
Instruments                                     Select 4th Instrument                           Numpad4
Instruments                                     Select 5th Instrument                           Numpad5
Instruments                                     Select 6th Instrument                           Numpad6
Instruments                                     Select 7th Instrument                           Numpad7
Instruments                                     Select 8th Instrument                           Numpad8
Instruments                                     Select 9th Instrument                           Numpad9
Instruments                                     Open Instrument Editor                          Numpad0
Instruments                                     Select Previous Sample in Instrument            Shift + NumpadMinus
Instruments                                     Select Next Sample in Instrument                Shift + NumpadPlus
Octave                                          Increase Octave                                 NumpadMultiply
Octave                                          Decrease Octave                                 NumpadDivide
Octave                                          Increase Octave (2nd)                           Control + RBracket
Octave                                          Decrease Octave (2nd)                           Control + LBracket
Track Muting                                    Mute Track                                      Backslash
Track Muting                                    Mute Track Secondary                            Shift + Backslash
Track Muting                                    Solo Track                                      Control + Backslash
Track Muting                                    Mute Track 1                                    Control + Numpad1
Track Muting                                    Mute Track 2                                    Control + Numpad2
Track Muting                                    Mute Track 3                                    Control + Numpad3
Track Muting                                    Mute Track 4                                    Control + Numpad4
Track Muting                                    Mute Track 5                                    Control + Numpad5
Track Muting                                    Mute Track 6                                    Control + Numpad6
Track Muting                                    Mute Track 7                                    Control + Numpad7
Track Muting                                    Mute Track 8                                    Control + Numpad8
Track Muting                                    Mute Track 9                                    Control + Numpad9
Transport                                       Note Off (2nd)                                  Shift + A
Transport                                       Smart Note Off (2nd)                            A
View                                            Attach/Detach Instrument Editor                 Alt + D
View                                            Toggle Track- and Instrument Editors            Alt + E
View                                            Show/Focus Instrument Editors                   Alt + I
View                                            Show/Focus Track Editors                        Alt + K
View                                            Show/Hide Disk Browser                          Alt + B
View                                            Show/Hide Instrument Box                        Alt + N
View                                            Show/Hide Instrument Properties                 Shift + Alt + N
View                                            Show/Hide Pattern Matrix                        Alt + M
View                                            Show/Hide Phrase Editor                         Alt + R
Transport                                       Halve LoopBlock Size                            Control + NumpadDivide
Transport                                       Double LoopBlock Size                           Control + NumpadMultiply
View                                            Attach/Detach Mixer View                        Alt + F
Pattern Editor
Navigation                                      Focus Pattern Matrix                            Shift + Escape
Navigation                                      Move to Previous Column                         Left
Navigation                                      Move to Next Column                             Right
Navigation                                      Move to Previous Row                            Up
Navigation                                      Move to Next Row                                Down
Navigation                                      Move to Previous Row with EditStep              Shift + Control + Up
Navigation                                      Move to Next Row with EditStep                  Shift + Control + Down
Navigation                                      Move to Previous Row with Note                  Shift + Control + Prior
Navigation                                      Move to Next Row with Note                      Shift + Control + Next
Navigation                                      Toggle Auto Capture Instrument                  Shift + Alt + Backslash
Navigation                                      Capture Instrument                              Shift + Control + Return
Navigation                                      Capture Nearest Instrument                      Shift + Return
Navigation                                      Jump 16 Rows Up                                 Prior
Navigation                                      Jump 16 Rows Down                               Next
Navigation                                      Jump to First Row                               Home
Navigation                                      Jump to Last Row                                End
Navigation                                      Jump to Row 0                                   F9
Navigation                                      Jump to Row 16                                  F10
Navigation                                      Jump to Row 32                                  F11
Navigation                                      Jump to Row 48                                  F12
Navigation                                      Jump to Previous Track                          Shift + Tab
Navigation                                      Jump to Next Track                              Tab
Navigation                                      Jump to Master Track                            Shift + Control + End
Navigation                                      Jump to First Track                             Shift + Control + Home
Insert/Delete                                   Insert New Row                                  Insert
Insert/Delete                                   Delete Current Row                              Back
Insert/Delete                                   Insert New Row in Column                        Shift + Control + Insert
Insert/Delete                                   Delete Current Row in Column                    Shift + Control + Delete
Play                                            Play Current Line                               Return
Edit Step                                       Increase EditStep                               Control + Equals
Edit Step                                       Decrease EditStep                               Control + Minus
Edit Step                                       Double EditStep                                 Alt + Equals
Edit Step                                       Halve EditStep                                  Alt + Minus
Edit Step                                       Set EditStep To 0                               Control + 0
Edit Step                                       Set EditStep To 1                               Control + 1
Edit Step                                       Set EditStep To 2                               Control + 2
Edit Step                                       Set EditStep To 3                               Control + 3
Edit Step                                       Set EditStep To 4                               Control + 4
Edit Step                                       Set EditStep To 5                               Control + 5
Edit Step                                       Set EditStep To 6                               Control + 6
Edit Step                                       Set EditStep To 7                               Control + 7
Edit Step                                       Set EditStep To 8                               Control + 8
Edit Step                                       Set EditStep To 9                               Control + 9
Record                                          Toggle Record Quantized                         Shift + Control + Grave
Record                                          Increase Quantization                           Shift + Control + Equals
Record                                          Decrease Quantization                           Shift + Control + Minus
Record                                          Set Quantization To 1                           Shift + Control + 1
Record                                          Set Quantization To 2                           Shift + Control + 2
Record                                          Set Quantization To 3                           Shift + Control + 3
Record                                          Set Quantization To 4                           Shift + Control + 4
Record                                          Set Quantization To 5                           Shift + Control + 5
Record                                          Set Quantization To 6                           Shift + Control + 6
Record                                          Set Quantization To 7                           Shift + Control + 7
Record                                          Set Quantization To 8                           Shift + Control + 8
Record                                          Set Quantization To 9                           Shift + Control + 9

KeyBindings.txt (87.3 KB)

To be fair, XML is a plain text based format that was specifically made to be machine AND human readable :wink:
Otherwise you could as well store data in a binary format and save a lot of space and parsing.