Help with Keytracking Multiple Comb Filters

Alright, I’ve been able to create a pad from six (6) tuneable comb filters. Here’s the example:

Comb+Digital +Analog Filter Bank.xrni (1.5 MB)

I took a noise sample that I liked, lowered the volume down a lot, and have a really nice ambient noise ‘pad’ that can be tuned into chords with knobs. Great!

Now, what if I wanted to control the tuning of the entire sound?

Say I’ve got a chord going, it sounds great, but I want to drop it a 5th the next time I strike a note? How would I get all 6 tuned comb filters to pitch themselves downward simultaneously?

Is there a way to hook up a keytracker or some other device to trigger such a reaction?

ive got quick n dirty results just patching keyfollowers to the cutoffs but if you want proper chromatic tracking i think formulas are required. Clouds Gone has really gone in with this sort of thing - this thread might help you…


Thank you for the guidance, I’ll check it out. And definitely looking for chromatic tracking. I’ve also gotten the tuned filters one to work in the past - it’s very much the same technique as the one I posted, but a little less accurate. We’ll see what I can come up with one day :slight_smile:

This will control all the macros simultaneously. I’m not an expert on music theory so I can’t say if the chord notes will be in tune correctly or not as you trigger different chords but they will all move uniformly. Chord Control.xrns (1.5 MB)

Whoa! Thank you - looking forward to trying this out, something good’ll come from it!

Took a look into it, and this doesn’t do what I was hoping for either - but this is no fault of yours. I made this an instrument that uses the tuning of the comb filters themselves to make the chord. With your macro-control, it changes all of the comb filters to the same note, and their jumps in tuning are not linked to the computer-keyboards actual note-to-key assignment.

What I did as a workaround was to just duplicate the instrument, and change the chord manually. No big deal, just curious to see if I could save some computing power - not that I need to :smiley: Thank you for your help in all of this!

Give this a shot:
Tuned Keytracked Noise Chords.xrni (840.7 KB)

It tracks the key played, and has macros for 4 notes, wet mix, inertia, and feedback.

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Thank you! I’m going to try this out soon when everybody wakes up :smiley:

This is really fancy! Thank you :slight_smile:

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No problem, glad to help!