Help With Working With Long Samples Like Guitar Tracks.

Dear noise-makers.

Been working with some tracks for my band project. One of the things I’m trying to sort out, when working with long recordings of guitars or vocals, how does one get the samples to play further in the song?

ie: if I start a guitar sample that’s 5min long (as long as the song) but start playing later in, it obviously is not triggered.

is tehre a way to do this in Renoise natively or does one need a VST sampler plugin? If so, is there a nice freeware one for working with stereo .wav or .flac files?


Renoise is not especially good in working with (extremely) long samples. :(

As you said; the issue lies in that things (parts of the sample) need to be triggered (09xx command is not precise enough). You could try slicing things up, but that’s a hell of a job and you’ll fuck it up in no time.

The only advice I can give you is search for a horizontal sequencer and Rewire it with Renoise. :)

Yeah - Renoise needs some sort of streaming sample thing. I’ll check for some freebees, I’m only using the long samples with some filters, I’m not doing anything with the samples other than that. Probably the “wrong” way but it gets the job done :)

Want to record longer than the pattern? I usually copy a few patterns down so I have some room to record in, and then chop it up. I think that’s the only way.

Also you can divide the sample into smaller bits for more accurate 09xxing and to make the song structure easier to handle. There’s also the advantage of dividing it up that you can play in the middle of the song and hear all of it. If say the guitar is one long sample from start to finish, if you play back in the middle you won’t hear it at all.

Yeah that’s not quite what I have in mind, splitting a sample up kind of reduces the easy of being able to record another take and work with the song easily.

One of the things I want to rapidly do, apart from rec another take is to be able to just slip in at any point and maybe make a bass riff or synrth do something at specific parts of the vocals or guitar etc;

I’ll try Reware with Reaper… I’ve never used either before :D

That is currently the way to go if you want to have synchronize uncut audio-tracks along with Renoise.

I just done something like this for a guitar solo. Tiggered the guitar part to start at the right point and then set up a number of patterns to span the solo. Then I rendered the song so that had a new recording for each tracks and patterns. You just delete all of the non guitar parts and then trigger the smaller guitar samples at the start of each pattern.

Works well even with phrases that continue across the start and end of patterns

This tip might help as workaround: "Traditional" Audio Tracks

2.6 beta Autoseek! Just loaded up one of our tracks and it’s perfect!

^5 Renoise devs!

Yep. Used the feature in one of my tracks.

  1. start a new song
  2. import the audiotarck
  3. match the bpm
  4. render song and select (save each pattern into a separate file)

now you have several smaller audio tracks that fit exactly the lenght of one pattern. :)