"Traditional" Audio Tracks

I was given a strictly voice sample that adheres to a certain BMP.

I matched the renoise BPM with the long wave with the singing and everytime I want to hear what I have added to a track I have to play the song from the beginning and wait until it gets to the part I have added.


Cutting up these samples would be very hard how it is sung and I should really have to do that.

What has taken so long to have a straight audio track that shows perhaps the waveform scrolling down in a vertical manner. Renoise can start playing from any position and triggers instruments. This audio track would allow renoise to start wherever and have the wav information played along with your vsts and other one hit instruments.

The lack of this feature makes me want to suck on a pistol.

Any idea when this will be implemented? Sorry for not adding this to one of the other threads.

If my tone is a little shitty I apologize. I am going nuts here…

Use energyXT (version 1.41, not the latest one) and your audio track will playback in perfect sync from anywhere on the timeline (= no need to play it from the beginning). Works perfect for many of us.

This is one of my major gripes, too.

After reading rant this it got me thinking…

This feature could be assigned to specific samples, it doesn’t need to be applied to all samples. Say I have an instrument library of 50 instruments, only 2 of those need to be “checkmarked” to enable playback from anywhere in Renoise.

This would probably make it easier for a quicker implementation. By default, nothing changes. But if you have the “checkmark” Renoise keeps track of the sample.

Would make life easier, for sure.

also telling users to get another piece of software,isent the answer,even if in the case energyXT doesent cost alot,its still costing money,alot of people would like to be able to "make full tracks"in RENOISE

not go out and buy another piece of software for the tasks that renoise doesent do

This sounds like a good temp workaround. I downloaded the demo and inserted the tracks. It’s a really bizarre interface. I don’t see how I can have renoise trigger this program. I am guessing it should have some kind of external sync option?

The demo I downloaded seems to be the standalone version. I take it I need to get a hold of the vst version of energy vst?

I also have to finish this remix by sunday night so if it’s going to take too long to figure this out I will just battle renoise…

I think I remember someone showing samples used in energy as a video. Let me see if I can find that tutorial.

My workaround for this:

Make sure you have no effects on the master channel, which may add latency. Solo the long audio track and render the song, check “save each pattern into separate file” option, reimport all samples into a new instrument and use generate drumkit to map them across the keyboard. That way you can trigger a temporary audio file for each pattern as preview. When done with the song i’m simply deleting that instrument and use the original long file instead to avoid clicks on the pattern borders.

Edit: My past experience with Energy XT was, that the audio got out of sync.

THAT, is a great idea, I like to twist some knobs in, for instance, a break and sample that. Cutting the sample doesn’t work for me, I tried that.

In the end you have heard the total break so many times you get bored.

I would say, go for it, and make this world a better place.

That is an amazing idea!

It’s so simple and sounds very effective.

I am going to try this now.

I have three wav files that have to play together on different channels so this will take a little while, but sounds worth it.


Thats a good one beatslaughter… That will work for me.

Another third party tool you can use is fx-freeze.
Very cool plug.

A small description here.

Beatslaughter’s idea took me about 15 minutes.

Selected 4 of the voice tracks, then rendered the patterns to seperate wav files and then just made a drum kit.

Muted the large tracks and put those aside.

Inserted one track and in the beginning just had to hit a note in order for each wav file.

Now I am able to hope around and it’s GREAT!

This XMS is 130 megs… ouch haha

that’s the kicker huh, file size. especially when you have autosave turned on

+1 for this

This is one of the most annoying “legacy features” for trackers in my opinion, but you are so used to starting over 2 patterns back to get your samples to trigger. Long VSTi notes is probably another history to implement since precalculation has to be done before starting playback, possibly delaying your playback start. Checking which samples to play everywhere minimizes the playback delay I suppose.
I usually cut samples to fit patterns. Gets the job done but doesn’t work well for certain kind of sounds (non-beat kind of sounds). You have to take the beatslaughter approach which takes some time.

beatslaughter you are a genius


why didn’t I thought about that??? That could have saved me at least 5 hours of my very valuable time. :P

… but I agree that there should be an more easy way for this … in 2.0?

in 1.9.2??

Nice workaround idea there, but yeah, audio tracks should be very high on the agenda I think, I guess it ties in with the whole arranger plan though, which is a whole massive can of worms.

i know it’s a bit of a cop out, but tbh, if you’ve got to work with a piece of audio that long, i don’t think it makes sense to use a soundtracker

i’d be putting together drums and musical ideas in the tracker and exporting them into a cubase-style sequencer for that kind of thing

then again, normally with remixes i’d be chopping audio up to tighten up the timing and have a bit of freedom with tempo/phrasing - so i probably would use renoise for that anyway

i could imagine vertical waveforms in audio tracks in renoise, but you’d have to do a LOT to get to the flexibility and control you get in things like cubase for that side of things…

time-stretching? fades/crossfades? chopping and moving?

wouldn’t turn it down, but it sounds like a lot of work for a problem which is perhaps better solved anyway having an alternative sequencer in the wings… i don’t think renoise will ever be a jack-of-all-trades tool; i think it would be a mistake to try and make it one

then again… would it be difficult to time-stamp a regular sample?

i sometimes work with long audio recordings in renoise, and i’d just use a few 900 offsets to keep it time synced

could an automated, behind the scenes version of 900 offset that be easily implemented? cross-pattern, so it knows whether there’s a sample triggered a few patterns earlier without an OFF event… that would be good just for medium-long samples, like pads

in a lot of ways, the way renoise triggers a sample without having to have it welded onto a timeline is a LOT more flexible/powerful, so i’d not want to risk losing that… one of the reasons i’d hate to see an arranger

It’s quite straightforward to implement:

  1. Get all events from current song position backwards to note on event
  2. Compute current sample offset from collected events
  3. Get the time from first event to current position, apply to envelope offsets etc.
  4. Play

Than for each time you insert a note, tweak an effect or hit the play button, the whole track must be rendered. I think this is really slowing down renoise’ workflow; imagine that for each time a f*cking progress bar must complete before you can hear the result :wacko: