most honorable Renoise community,

does anyone have any homegrown Christmas / Holiday tracks sitting around?

I am consistently entertained by the rare specimens i do come across, so i would be appreciative if anybody felt like sharing.


Set up a compo!

Give us a samplepack and a deadline, and we’re all yours baby!

I have a Christmas rock song sitting around but it’s not a tracker song.

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There was a competition last year, ping Byte Smasher if you don’t have the tunes, some fun stuff in the pack.


i sent him a message.

these tracks sound like they could be pretty rad :dribble:

how about this for a collaboration:

i stock an xrns full of “Do They Know It’s Christmas” samples, everybody who wants in downloads it, goes nuts for a few patterns, and then sends the xrns back. the bits get mixed together into one big cluster f*** and then everybody gets a listen. kind of an “immaculate conception” approach…

would anyone get stoked on this?

I made a gabber version of the carol “We Wish You A Merry Christmas” for lolz a few years ago.

I’ll see if I can find it…

yes please!

Datashat’s Christmassy mashup track “Santa takes Paul up the wrong’n” always makes me chuckle:


Per butter’s request:

I am floored by the sheer rad-ness of this song. thank you VERY much.

the whole song is great, but the lyrics in particular…genius.

this is such an oddball track, and i feel like the voices are yelling at Paul McCartney. hilarious.

the original riff sounds really good in there also, it’s actually kind of carefully treated, especially compared to the rest.

thanks man!

Thanks, dude! Very glad to hear that you enjoyed it.