Hi.. I Need Instructions On Midi- Vsti To Vsti

Three years in Renoise, I’m still learning. LOL Anyways, if somebody can help. I’m trying to figure out how to send midi from one vsti to another vsti. Example, if I have a step sequencer as instrument number 01, how can I get its midi out to my synth in instrument number 02.


Thanks yous…


you can’t at this time, unless you use a modular vst host like energy-xt or bidule inside renoise. well you could try to send the midi out of renoise into a virtual midi port and then back into renoise … but i never tried that yet, should work though

I do this with the IAC driver on a Mac and it works very well.

I think you should also be able to do it on Windows but you will need to install 3rd party software

hmm… what if one of the plug ins is stand alone? Lol… I got shower, and do some workie work, but I will research a windows equiv of IAC Later today. Any more ideas, I’m all ears… bidule, e xt… no license…

I will try that, midi out - midi in idea though…

If you use windows, Wusik VM is worth trying maybe. (It’s free)

You could try using loopbe. It’s a virtual midi port(free version gives 1 midi in/out) that allows you to route midi around your computer.

Ok guys, thanks :slight_smile: I will try it all. Cheers