Hi, would it be possible in a future update to dedicate a key combination for the object indicated with the arrow?

hi, is it possible in a future update to dedicate a key on the PC keyboard at this point marked in the screenshot? thanks IMG_20191104_084941

It is possible to create an LUA simple tool to add a new keyboard command, which must be assigned manually.

Define the range of the sequence (two numbers):

-- The currently edited sequence position.
renoise.song().selected_sequence_index, _observable -> [number]

Select range of sequence (for example: 1 to 1):
renoise.song().transport.loop_sequence_range={1,1} (array of two numbers)
Unselect the range:
renoise.song().transport.loop_sequence_range={} (empty array)
Check if exist a sequence selection

renoise.song().transport.loop_sequence_start  -> [read-only, 0 or 1-sequence_length]

That is to say:

-- if exist selected sequence loop range
if (renoise.song().transport.loop_sequence_start~=0) then
  -- code to unselect

-- if not exist selected sequence loop range
if (renoise.song().transport.loop_sequence_start==0) then
  -- code to unselect
  local val_1=renoise.song().selected_sequence_index
  local val_2=val_1 -- or another existent number index <= sequence_length and > val_1

The main.lua content:

--the final function (unselect or select):
local function sel_loop_seq()
  local song=renoise.song()
    if (song.transport.loop_sequence_start~=0) then
      local val_1=song.selected_sequence_index
      local val_2=val_1

--register keybinding
rnt:add_keybinding {
  name = "Global:Tools:Unselect or select the current sequence index",
  invoke = function() sel_loop_seq() end
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thanks but I don’t know about lua, I don’t know where to put my hands. anyway would it work on each pattern? it would be very useful in live performances. ?

Yes. I just built a tool on purpose for this. Go to this thread:

Enjoy it!


Thanks 1000 you are a big man