Hide Renoise title bar [feature request]

Hi, I would like to request a pretty simple feature: a GUI option to hide/disable Renoise’s custom title bar. I have found a similar request in the past so I believe I am not the only person looking for it :slight_smile:

The reasons why I would like to have this features are:

  • UI homogeneity
  • Saving vertical space
  • Reduce visual pollution



+1 It is far from pretty :slight_smile:
I mostly run Renoise in full screen, in fear of people pointing and laughing

The Renoise title bar hides in fullscreen mode.

It’s not really clear how to drag the window without a title bar.

Well. It could at least follow the window style of the OS. :stuck_out_tongue:

The window manager is usually in charge of that. I’m not sure why Renoise recreates the title bar in the first place (when in window mode).