highest cut off instrument filter lp2 ..wow 6khz lol

Lol really …low pass 2 filter in instrument …highest cutoff 6 Khz …

Lowpass 2*2 …abit better 8 Khz

Moog filter …resonance still sucks when values abov 0.9 …

Will this ever be fixed …??

I fuckn hate the filters in the instruments tab




The instrument filters do sound pretty weak, and the “moog” filter seems like a cruel joke. lol

I predict this is going to be a huge problem when trying to sell Redux, the filters sound pretty uninspiring compared to most plugins these days with zero delay feedback filters and saturation.

pull up to tah bumper baby

Re status: We’re done with all the “crucial” features and work for Redux, but are now taking the chance to rework some of the old DSP parts of Redux (and Renoise). This will take a while - we’re a small team - and want to do all this properly.

As soon as we’re done with this stage we’ll start to invite a few alpha testers and will then gradually increase the alpha tester team. Finally do a public beta as we usually do with Renoise.

Will post an announcement as soon as there’s more info, something to show…


Yep. Instrument filters are (going to be) completely reworked as well.

This is absolutely fantastic news .