Redux - When does beta testing start?

When is Redux expected? And is there a way to start beta testing allready? Currently working on a album in studio one and tracker programming would make my life much easier!

quoting this:

“If you’re interested in helping us alpha-test Redux, you can subscribe to the Redux newsletter here:
Please note that the Renoise 3 beta has priority now, so you may not hear from us until we’re done with the Renoise 3 beta.”

Yes i all ready did that, but the news is so good that i want it now now now:) Sorry i am a bit unpatience. I understand that renoise 3 has priority, but doesn’t mean we can’t start beta testing.

I want it so badly, i can’t sleep:)

Redux will derive from what Renoise 3 sampler will offer. There are many fundamental aspects of the sampler which are currently being discussed so it would be a real chaos for the dev team to manage the two braches at this stage.

please be patient :) the more effort we all put into debugging and optimizing Renoise 3, the fastest will be the release of both products

It is a torture:) I understand, keep up the good work!

I would just say:try to get stuff in the Renoise 3.0 instrument structure more to the way you want to have it and you won’t really have to beta test that in Redux any longer.

If we dont have to wait for Redux to make sampler suggestions then incorporating this…

would be pretty cool. I’d love all relevant midi settings to be transferable from Renoise to Redux so that I dont have remap contollers mid flow.

I also signed up for testing! Sounds like Redux is just what I need…

Edit: from what I have been reading im under the impression that Redux will be like a mini Renoise instrument tracker, that we’ll be able to run like any other vst. Is this the correct interpretation of the released info?

it will be more or less what an instrument is in Renoise 3.0

Could you explain further? Are we talking about a simplified mini Renoise vst tracker with the basic sample command functions? I havent tried 3.0.

I’ve signed up and am very anxious to try it out. I own a copy of every major DAW out there for my own VST/AU beta testing from pro tools to audio mulch and everything in between so I hope to be able to provide some useful x-platform x-DAW testing. I know however I will be incredibly busy in February with writing my album in a month for RPM 2014. It’s great how the last two major renoise releases came just before the RPM challenge! I will be using 3.0 thoroughly :)

So, ReWire on 3.0 got your current clearance right now??

Will it be like ReViSiT, as a tracker VSTi running simultaneously with your DAW?

No, it’s just the Renoise internal sampler as a VSTi basically.

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I hope your right about that:-)

Redux will not have a full-blown pattern sequencer or pattern editor like Renoise does. It is not intended to be a DAW within a DAW, nor is it intended to be a complete version of Renoise in plugin form.

To put it as simply as possible, Redux will basically take everything that a Renoise 3 sample-based instrument can do right now, and then wrap it into a VST plugin instrument that you can load into other DAWs. It will have sample keyzones, modulations, DSP chains, phrases, etc. So you will have a “tracker” in the sense that you can track stuff in the instrument phrases, but you will not have the full Renoise sequencer and pattern editor to create whole songs in Redux. The idea here is that you build your Redux instrument, and then sequence it in some other DAW like Ableton Live, FLStudio, Cubase, or whatever.

Told ya…

Should we buy Redux too, or actual Renoise users will get it with 3.0 final?